Filled My Heart

You filled my heart with a simple joy…

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Poetry of you

This poetry of you,
Brings stillness to my heart…

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Tell me,
How is it, my love,
You make me gasp for air,
The stars shine in the sky,
Every night I wish you were mine…

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Seething Rage

I hope you die…In the worst way possible. I hope you die…A horrible and measly death…Nothing can compare how much I want your death to be torturous and painful. I can only imagine the pain you feel as you did to me.

I hope everything that you love burns in front of you…I hope that your soul disintegrates in your very hands…I hope you suffer and everything that you touch turns to ashes…

My hatred for you is so deep, its deeper than any trench that lies beneath the seething oceans…I’d rather you die in the worse way than you die with a quick death…My mind is raging with the thoughts of you. Just the mear sight of you makes me ill.

I will always rage when I see the sight of you…