“Sometimes we must gravitate towards madness before we can levitate on greatness.”
― Curtis Tyrone Jones


Wicked Kiss

I’ve kissed you upon your lips several times and I still feel cold,
Cold as ice to the feel of your heart and soul,
I’ve placed you in my bed a thousand times and I still feel nothing,
Emptiness of my soul and blackened heart,
You have empty me a thousand times more with your brutal and wicked kiss…



There has been a lot of stuff going on during this past couple of weeks. I’m slowly trying to get by, but even with these bumpy road blocks…I still have a lot to be thankful for…

Everyone likes my writing…for the most part lol I’ve gotten some very nice feed back as of late so that really motivates me to keep going.

The kids really love school and they are doing great…I can’t ask for much more than that. I’m really proud of them, especially Aeryn which is her first time at school and she’s really excelling!

We’ve been out of the shelter going on 4 years now…I’ve read an article once that people who move out of the family shelter in NYC usually end up going back after a year or two…So proud and grateful we are not falling into these statistics…

We have furniture in our own home…it’s just nice to know me and my husband worked hard at getting our own furniture…

We have a pet ferret…Todo is a lot of work but he is awesome! We love our fur baby…

Our son can semi walk and he is really trying to talk…Who am I kidding he really is talking!

So yes…I may go through my struggles…but I’m grateful for how far I’ve come…

Against You

You make my heart skip a beat,
It jumps each time you smile,
Each time you give a light laugh,
The feel and touch you give my heart,
Makes me forget about the ugliness in the world but the gentleness of your smile…
Tears stream down my face as you kiss my lips and bring me to your bed,
The softness of your skin collides with the bed sheets,
I just want to hear your moans above me as my trembling body is beneath you…
Your as strong as the thunderous wind as you hold me tight,
But I can feel you break down in my hands,
Let me ride you into the night,
Let me relish in your sun light,
I want to scream your name into the moon light and let the vibrations bounce off the sun…
Our high lowers as the morning light breaks into the room,
Against you is where I want to be and where I want to stay…


This strong appetite I feel for you,
Is more than what I can adore,
Craving your every move and touch,
The desire to have you next to me is so strong that I can feel nothing but you inside me,
I can feel the excitement and anticipation of your love growing inside of me,
The fondness of your eyes staring into mine,
I have nothing but affection for you…and deep lust…



The perfect grin to the perfect skin,
The expressions of your love show me what you need,
I keep waiting for you to return to me,
I look upon your perfect skin for clarification,
Your hips walk with confidence towards me,
Nothing can keep my fingertips…off of your perfect skin…