Biggest Success

My biggest success as of right now is the fact I came so far in my writing career. I started off with just writing Game of Thrones & Kit Harington fanfictions. Now four years later, I have (four published books) and one successful writing blog.

Another big success for me is I’m now a working mom at American Girl and so far it is working out pretty fine. I was used to being a stay at home mom for a few years and I feel like being a working mom I get more stuff done around the house.

As a family, our biggest success is my husband has finally got his drivers license. We are slowly but surely are moving forward with our goals for the family. I know these are just a few success in my life and I’m sure I will have more to come!


Death is Near-Blackout Poetry Theme



So in the next few weeks, I’ll be creating a blackout poetry project for my art portfolio. It’s going to be a 6-week project and from time to time I’ll post my progress on each piece on my facebook page.

I’ll be using different magazines, flyers, and newspapers and using only keywords or sentences for my poetry. I’ll also be designing with permanent markers and design markers. After my 5 to 6 pieces are done, I’ll fully publish my work on my blog, Instagram, and deviant art pages.

After I post them, I’ll frame them and have them for sale on my blog page! Each piece of poetry will be based on some of the poetry I’ve already written. Hope you all enjoy my next project!

Janeen G.