Your Heart

I feel your heart pounding,
I feel your breath on my skin,
I let go of my will and let you take control,

I weep to the feel of you,
Just the thought of you next to me,
The warmth of your beating heart,

Just makes me feel close to your soul…



The hot touch,
Your smile,
Your kind soul,
The world is cruel and cold,

The flame of your kiss,
Burns inside me,
It doesn’t fade away as you touch me,

Your arms is safe,
Your words to me makes me safe,
My Faith in your eyes gives me deep hope,

With this world so cruel and cold,
I feel your touch,
I kiss your smile,
I lape your soul,
I feel your flames deep inside me…

Pretending its You

I keep pretending,
That the heaven is worth waiting for,
I just keep on pretending,
That everything is alright,
I keep pretending it’s you,
That the craving of you will end,
I just keep pretending,
That everything is alright…


Just every moment,
From the start to the end,
Every moment counts with you,
The deeper I feel,
The closer I get to heaven,
I’m fragile in every way,
But you awaken my soul,
Just every moment with you,
Fills me with joy & bliss…


The love I have for you,
It’s insane and deep,
Just feeling this,
Our hearts are buried in a grave of lust,
I pour salt into our deep wounds of love,
This love we share is insane,
I pour the salt into our deep wound of lust,
I’d rather have these deep cut feelings then nothing at all…

The End of The Beginning

My darling; come close,
The end of our beginning,
I’m never leaving you,
Our happiness will begin the next day,
Let’s drown in our bliss together,
Tears of our love,
Hot breaths among our passion,
Our desire takes like red wine,
My darling; come beside me,
The end of our beginning is near…