I close my eyes.
The peaceful sleep is on my face.

I’m dreaming of a better world.
I’m dreaming of a world with you, not in it.


Self Harm

The unnerving and sicking thought that this blade can drag across my skin.
The deep tug on my hair.
The calm and soothing of it all.
It makes me forget why I’m dying in the first place.

Just a few seconds.
I withered in pain.
All is forgotten.
Why I needed to live.

Till now…

Lock Down Chapter 2

Chapter 1

“It twitched and slithered off the sand floor…It made a howling whimpering sound as it crashed to the floor in defeat…”

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Lock Down Chapter 1

‘It won’t make a difference…darkness is coming…’                                                                                      Continue reading Lock Down Chapter 1

Whatever, Anything: A Writer’s Block Thoughts in Motion

Look deep inside my writer’s block mind…deep in poetry and wondering thoughts…
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Burns down my throat.
Hot as it travels down the canal of my neck.
Your voice is the constituency of the liquid.
Warm and supple,
Flavourful and Toxic.
I can taste the whiskey from your full lips.
I can feel the whiskey in your mouth, as you taste my juices from in between my thighs.
Take my warm body into your silky hands, and feel me gaze into your eyes and touch you.
Let the alcohol build in your body, and release into my wet snatch.
Let the substance flow deep in my womb, and spread through the canal of my body.
Whiskey is the hot and burning liquid as your love is flavourful and toxic to my heart…