Poetry Book Update

So I’m writing my third poetry book “The Escape”. Its a collection of 100 emotional poetry writings I’ve written over the past two years.

It all ranges from love, emotional attachment, tragedy, deep loss, erotic & sexual poetry writings. This is probably the biggest poetry book I have done so far!

I decided to take a hiatus on my “Confessions of my Desires” book until the beginning of next year. That collection of my original erotic short stories & poetry book will be published by the middle of the summer of 2018.

My new poetry book will be published as ebook (Amazon Kindle & Nook Book) and on paperback (Amazon.com) on December 20th, 2017! Thank you all for your love and support throughout my writing career!



Snow of Dust

You are the crow I wish to weep over,
Shaken me down to my last breath,
The snow which falls upon my lips,
Breathes the winter dust,

My heart has given way for the winter,
The night’s mood has changed my thoughts,
I’ve saved that part of me for only you to see,
Of the day I cry over your rightful crown,

My favorite movies of all time in my almost 30 years of life…

Okay…So I will hit 30 years January 2nd, 2018. (yes I know, scary! lol) So I started thinking of all the movies/TV shows I; ve seen over the years and what has inspired me throughout my life and it would be cool what is my favs over the 30 years I’ve been on this earth…

This is just a small preview (only top 10) of what my collection is like…once it hits my 30th birthday, I’ll post my top 30 movies/tv shows of all time and why I love the hell out of it…




The yearn to have you close,
To learn your voice and feel the flow of your lips,
The tide of your body sailing through mine,
To understand every inch of your lips,
Your fingers glide through my hair like a grained sand on the beach,
You know,
The rhythm and flow of my body,
My wind and kiss are yours…

Surprise: Part 2

Part 1

It took everything that I had to pry you off of me. Your lips were so warm and your hands were so inviting that I couldn’t get enough of you.

Just to separate myself from you, left me aching for more as I try to head to the main bathroom so I could freshen up for the night.

Just as I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the water to let the steam vent around the room, I felt my nerves go throughout my body as I started to undress.

I let the beating of the warm water sooth my body and relax my aching nerves. I felt the anticipation grow as I lathered the fragrant soap throughout my body.

After I did my quick and satisfying wash, I dried myself off completely and started to cream my body with coconut & vanilla scented body butter.

You always loved it whenever I wore this scent.  I stepped out from the small main bathroom and went into the main sitting room. I rummaged through our small luggage and I took out my hair dryer and curling iron. I sat down near the vanity table with my white towel wrapped around my body.

I styled my hair gingerly as I looked in the mirror. You loved it whenever I had my dark brown hair down and I left small curls at the bottom.

I wanted to look perfect for you for this special night…

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It’s been a long week for you…You seem so tired and stressed out; you look like you want to give up most days. For days I’ve been planning this moment. All I kept thinking about was that small cabin deep in the woods. We discovered this cottage out of the blue. The sun was its hottest that day and this was where you first kissed me. Your lips were warm and inviting, much like the interior of the cabin…

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Wicked Kiss

I’ve kissed you upon your lips several times and I still feel cold,
Cold as ice to the feel of your heart and soul,
I’ve placed you in my bed a thousand times and I still feel nothing,
Emptiness of my soul and blackened heart,
You have empty me a thousand times more with your brutal and wicked kiss…