Take Me Away: Chapter 4

Samuel is an outlaw; Claire just wants to be free from her hell. What will happen when their paths meet?

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Claire awoke with a pounding in her head. She didn’t have that much to drink the other night, but it didn’t help that Frank was pounding at the door. She didn’t fully get out of her bed until Frank barged into her room. He stood tall and arrogant as he was holding a tray in his hand.

“Today your passing out meals” He snarly stated.

“Tomorrow your working from morning till evening, your booked darling”

With that small report, he threw the silver serving tray on the bed and slowly walked out of the room and slammed the door.  There was never a protest with Claire whenever Frank needed something. She was his top seller but she was never treated like one. He treated her roughly while the other girls he was persuasive with them.

Claire went to the kitchens to gather all the guest meals. As she handed out the temporary tenants their meals, she was greeted with sexual sneers and unwanted grouping. But this was all part of her job description, no matter how much she hated it.

Her last stop to deliver their breakfast was Samuel. Her heart gave a strong tug as she knocked on his door. She can hear the ruffle from the other side of the door. The door knob turned and opened to reveal a tired Samuel. His hair was wildly disheveled and he was wearing nothing but his dark slacks and dusted shirt which revealed his neck and exposed chest.

“Good mornin darling” Samuel greeted with a scruffy hoarse voice and deep accent. The sound of his morning voice made Claire blush and her heart flutter a bit. ‘What in god’s name…what are you 13 Claire?’ She asked herself as she tried to snap herself out of her thoughts.

“Mornin stranger…” she managed to utter out.

“Breakfast is ready for you” Claire waited as Samuel fully let her in to his room so she can set his tray of food down on the nearby table. Claire instinct braced herself for more jeering and any type of unwanted touches. Her strong stance was very noticeable to Samuel and he set himself right next to his bed and he was very careful with his words.

“Such a nice mornin isn’t it?” Samuel casually asked as he stood by his bed post. Claire looked up from where she was standing by his desk and was cut off guard by his casual question.

“Um…yes, it’s really sunny out” Claire didn’t know how to respond to such a question. She wasn’t prepared for such a conversation.

“If you’re not busy, I wouldn’t mind sharing breakfast with ya…” The words slipped out of Samuels mouth before he could catch himself. Claire looked at him fully in disbelief, but she didn’t display this expression.


“Well, I’m sorry Samuel” she started as she walked closer to the exist. She braced herself for the worst.

“I’m busy this morning” She was ready to walk out the room and hear the violent “fuck you” tone in his voice, but what she got from Samuel in return surprised her.

“Its all right then…maybe another time” His voice was still gruff with his southern accent, but there was a hint of lightness that she never experienced before. She turned her head to face him and she was met with calm dark eyes and still the wild hair and scruffy beard.

“I will be free this afternoon during lunch hour…I’ll send you your super last so we can share it” Claire couldn’t believe she was agreeing to this idea. She was starting to really enjoy this outlaws company.

“All right then…I’ll be waiting for you” Samuel never moved from his spot as Claire slowly existed the room. For the first time in many years that she has been in the Inferno she felt a sense of calm and peace whenever Samuel was around. She didn’t know him very well, but from all the actions he has taken, he seems to be gentle and knows how to treat a woman.

The morning dragged on as she tried to give everyone there morning meal. She couldn’t fully concentrate on much as she was thinking about Samuel. His naturel hair skewed about, his deep morning breath echoing in her ear. She felt unfocused as she tried to get everyone’s lunch meals out the way.

She gave everyone there trays but Samuel. She saved his food for last. She hurriedly walked to her room so she can look decent for him. She knew she was in such a feel as she changed out of her outfit into something fitting.

She changed into a full grey dress with her chest slightly protruding from the top. She took her hair in a tight French braid bun and she put on a light make up. She looked herself once over in her full mirror before she took Samuels lunch tray and headed over to his room.

Her heart began to pound in anticipation as she knocked on his door for a second time. She heard the light tapping of his cowboy boots and he slowly opened the door. His smile was small but bright as he let Claire in. He wore his vest and shielded arm bands. His hair was now neatly curly and long.

“I thought you forgot about me” Samuel joked.

Even with such a light tone, Claire started to feel herself panic in fear of disappointing him.

“Sorry…I had other guest to attended to and I didn’t want to try and rush others…” The sound of Claire’s voice made Samuel worry.

“No need to explain darling…just poking fun” His voice was deep and gentle.

“Don’t mean to worry ya Claire” He explained as he helped Claire set down the food tray near the bed. She could feel her tense body relax as she sat at the foot of his bed. The moment they started to share his meal, her worriedness secedes away as their conversation was light and supple. They shared funny stories of their previous embarrassments in life and how much it made them realize the life they are living now seems to simple. But Claire knew her life wasn’t simple. She knew the horrors that larked in her past.

“What is it like?” Claire started her question. Samuel’s beaming eyes looked at her with a perplexed expression.

“What is it like to kill a man?” Samuel expression turned serious as he let that question sink in.

“Nothing you ever want to experience…” With this statement. Samuel told of his first kill. At the age of nine he murdered his father for being very abusive to him and sexually abusive to his little sister. Claire listened to his past as she felt strongly propelled to tell her gruesome past.

“My father sold me to Frank” Claire started as she looked down at her half-eaten plate.

“I was 12 when he made me a woman, then once he was done with me, he sold me to Frank. I was 14 then. Ever since then I was driven to sleep with any man that walked in this saloon”

“I’ve been living this life ever since and each day I feel like giving up but I don’t…” Samuel looked at her with a stiff expression and his eyes seemed caring and understanding. She wasn’t expecting to reveal such a life to him, but the way she felt and how Samuel has treated her in the past couple of hours, she knew it was safe to let her guard down.

“It’s getting late, I’m going to have to give out super soon” Claire went to gather the eaten food and tray. At that moment, Samuel wanted more of this woman.

“Will you be free after super?” His voice sound desperate as Claire walked straight for the door. She turned to him to meet his gaze and that is when she felt her heart start to swell and many other things started to swell over him.

“I’m not sure, but I will try and see if I’m free” She never felt this gentle or patient after so many years of being hurt and beaten into quickness and submission by other men.

“If you can…I won’t mind having super with you…but if you can’t, I understand darling” She couldn’t wrap her mind around how intimate and polite he was to her.

“Have nice night Samuel” She said as she slowly exited the room.

“Good night darlin, sweet dreams”

This was the last words that echoed in her ear as she slowly closed the door and left to try to finish her shift. What would his gruff voice feel like as he was entering her. This was something she thought about throughout the evening.

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