Extinction Movie Review

I’m a big fan of B-Flick horror or sci-fi movies. I never usually try to look for anything grand or try to take a b-flick film too seriously. I love them for the entertainment aspect and at times for its special and make up effects. Although this film had an interesting story, the execution of it was lacking with its actors and special creature effects.

The film is about a researching team in a forest who got abandoned by their tour guides after a series of strange events and become hopelessly lost. The events take a horrifying turn, they realize they are in an apex predator’s hunting grounds.

The movie stars Ben Loyd-Holmes, Sarah Mac, Neil Newbon and Daniel Caren and its initial release was on March 2015.

The movie was filmed as a found footage technique. I’m a big fan of found footage films like Troll Hunter & Cloverfild. But this film really falls short on trying to be entertaining or even scary with this technique. The acting wasn’t that great, although some of the characters seem interesting but not interesting enough where I care if they live or not. The actors I felt over performed their characters which made the equally annoying.

The special effects of the creature were disappointing. The photo stills and movie poster make the creature look big and monstrous but it really wasn’t and the kills weren’t anything that memorable. The overall setting of the woods look nice but nothing besides that made me keep my focus on the movie.

Not sure if I want to recommend this movie to anyone. But if you want to put this on and have like a netflix and chill moment with your partner then I’ll say it’s the perfect movie to watch!


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