Take Me Away: Chapter 5

Samuel is an outlaw; Claire just wants to be free from her hell. What will happen when their paths meet?

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Claire let the cool liquid hit her stomach as she tried to process what her client was saying. It’s only early evening and this was her fifth client that was promised to her. Frank was right, she would be busy tonight and then some.

This was her forth beer and she was already feeling the effects from her third beer. She knew she needed the drinks to help her get through the night. With these many men she had to serve, she knew she needed some type of substance to help her along.

She let the client grab her by the hand and by her ass and led her upstairs. She was too drunk to care or understand that all this person wanted to do but get his pleasure and leave. This notion did not bother her as she made it to the top of the steps.

Once they made it down the narrow dimly lit hallway, she passed by Samuels room. His door was tightly closed and she hadn’t seen him all day. She wondered what he was doing in his room as she felt her client grab her closer to him. She can smell his whiskey ridden breath on her skin.

She tried her hardest to not let the smell get to her or let his wrenching kisses to her neck make her queasy. She closed her eyes as she finally got to her room. She always closed her eyes when she had to work. But once her eyes closed she can see Samuels deep brown eyes stare back at her.

His pout lips, his dark hair and defined features is all she could see. Not the sweaty man that was in front of her. She could imagine Samuel’s strong hands groping her breast from her dress, not this man that was in front of her. She can almost smell Samuel’s hair, so light and satisfying to her senses.

She couldn’t feel her clothes being ripped off. Claire moaned in delight as she was being pushed on the bed. She pictured Samuel doing this to her as she sobbed in anticipation. The strangers hand pinched her nipples hard and bit down on her neck with equal feel. Claire couldn’t feel any of these actions. With her eyes still closed, the alcohol worked in her system. It was Samuel she envisioned on top of her that made her groan in delight.

That first thrust made her shout in surprise. But her eyes never opened. She could only imagine how big and how forceful Samuels thrust could be. With each pounding of the thrust, the deeper Claire thought of Samuel doing this to her.

But just as her moans became vocal with each pounding, she felt some presences besides the man inside her. Claire opened her eyes for the first time since that night and looked around the room. Her eyes finally landed on the crack of the door to her room.

A familiar set of eyes was quietly peeking at her and her actions. The eyes staring at her was the man she dreamed of looking in while she made love to him. Samuel looked at her eyes as she was being pulsed into. Claire wrapped her arms around her client’s neck. She didn’t want him changing this position and catching Samuel at the door.

This wasn’t pretend anymore for Claire. She could feel her body shake and shiver with each thrust, something she has never felt before while having sex. She watched as Samuel looked on intently. His hair was down to his neck, his face looked flushed and Claire could tell he was heaving deeply. Claire’s moans became loud as she wrapped her legs around her client’s waist and she could feel her walls close in on her. She has never felt this before.

“Yes…fuck me…” Claire cried in pleasure as she felt her impending orgasm approach. Her cry wasn’t for her client but for the man that was standing by the door. Samuel stared deeply into Claire’s eyes as her face started to contort in pleasure.

“Oh, god yes!” She screamed as her orgasm shred through her body and she felt the man on top of her coming as well.

Claire finally put her head down on her pillow. Her heart was pounding fiercely as she tried to steady her breathing. Once her client moved from on top of her, she looked back at the cracked door to find her dark stranger had left.

Claire quickly got up from her spot on the bed and hurriedly put on her dress and ran out the room, not caring if her sweaty client paid or not…

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