Take Me Away: Chapter 6

Samuel is an outlaw; Claire just wants to be free from her hell. What will happen when their paths meet?

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Claire slipped on a nearby sheer white under dress. Her barefoot hit the wooden floor and sprinted out of the room. She could hear the man behind her call out to her name but she didn’t answer. She ran down the hall to Samuel’s room. Just as made it to his room, she made a firm knock on the door.

“Samuel?” She called out in a nervous panic as she listened for him to respond. She stood there for a few moments before she turned the door knob and opened the door. She looked in and there was no sign of him. The room was humid and neat, savor for the unmade bed. She could smell his earthly scent and started to wonder where Samuel went.

Claire ran out of the room and went past all the other clients and women down the hallway. Her long gown swayed and her long black hair swirled from her back and was matted on her face. She landed at the middle of the spiral stair case and pierced her green eyes across the room.

The alcohol was still working in her system, which made her eyes glazed over and her pale face a blush of red. She looked deeply to find Samuel over at the bar. His back was towards her and she could feel a deep burning in her chest. Just as she started to slowly walk down the steps, she finally realized that he was quietly talking to Frank.

Her heart felt like it was going to rip out of her chest as she slowly started to walk closer to where Samuel was standing. ‘What could they be talking about?’ Claire asked herself in such a worry. ‘Did I upset you? please don’t be mad at me…’ She stated to herself as she was steps away from him.

Finally, Samuel seemed done with talking to Frank and Frank looked highly satisfied as he took a dark thick pouch from the young out law. Samuel started to turn around but that’s when he was met face to face with Claire. Her eyes looked confused and glazed over. Her flushed face had a perplexed expression as Samuel’s looked compassionate and acceptant.

Samuel then walked up in front of her and grabbed her by her shaken hand and led her up the spiral steps. The room was filled with laughter and excitement but all Claire could feel and hear was her deep heart beating. They finally made passed the laughing guest and into Samuel’s room.

He led her in quietly and slowly closed the door behind him. Claire turned herself to face Samuel as he too looked nervous. But for the first time since he’s been there, his eyes and expression looked different. He stared at her what like to Claire with longing and deep desperation.

“Hope you’re not mad, but I had to pay for you to be here” His southern drawl was heavier than usual. “I know I couldn’t see you if I didn’t pay”

“Its fine” Claire soft voice finally spoke up. “I thought you were…” her voice trailed off “mad at me”

“Why?” Samuel asked in confusion.

“I thought…what I did…upset you” Claire could feel the nervousness in the back of her throat. Just then Samuel gave her a keen grin.

“No darlin…if anything that’s the reason why I brought you here” she gave him dazed expression.

“I don’t want you to feel like since I brought you that your mine…that’s far from it” Samuel expressed.

“You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable…I do want you…” Samuel breathed and it made Claire’s skin thrilled.

“I’ve wanted you since I saw you at that gamblin table”

Samuel inched his way towards Claire and that’s when her nerves started to settle. He placed his ridged but gentle hands on her arm.

“I want to know what it feels like to be inside of you” His voice was low and harsh as he started to place his gaunt face over her ears. Claire made a soft humming noise as she felt Samuels hot breath over her ear and neck.

“Do you want this?” Samuel asked quietly. “I’ll take my time for tonight but after that… can’t promise I won’t be gentle” This statement made Claire grow wet in between her legs. Her silk gown clung to her heated body as his hands started to roam free on her sides and bear arms.

Claire looked up at her handsome outlaw and decided to give her answer. She leaned in and closed the gap in between them. Her kiss was urgent but he responded with ease.

Their lips explored each other as she started to undo Samuels vest. His lips were supple as he started to kiss her cheek and slowly started to nibble on her neck.

Her dressed was easy to fall to the floor in a heap. Claire wrapped her arms around Samuels neck as he deftly lifts her off the ground. She wrapped her naked legs around his clothed waist. He placed her flushed body on the cool bed and started to brush his lips over her body.

She put her hand into his long deep curls as he started to graze his tongue over her erect nipple.

“Mmmm…” Claire’s moans were quiet and dull as she looked down at what Samuel was doing. He came up from a top of her to undo his top. Samuels toned and defined chest was revealed to her. He placed himself on top of her to bare down his lips on hers. His lips began to travel from her warm mouth to her feverish neck.

“I need ya now” He breathed into her ear as he unbuckled his trousers. His length was stiff and rigged as he fully took off his pants and laid himself in between Claire’s legs. She was already gushing for him when he put the head of his cock around her exposed clit.

“Mmhmm” Claire cried as her sensitive bud was being touched. Samuel stared into Claire’s eyes in hunger as he let the head of his cock gather moister and slickness from her entrance.

“You want this…” His southern accent was so deep and full that it was almost unrecognizable.

“Please…” Claire let out a soft cry.

“Please what?” He asked with such hunger and gruffness.  “Tell me what you want” Samuel starts to grind the head of his cock on Claire’s slick mound.

“Please fuck me” Claire begged as she bit down on Samuels bottom lip. With no words or any type of warning, Samuel lunged his hips and cock deep inside her. Claire cried out in pleasure as she felt his whole length into her snatch.

She held on to Samuels side and her legs were wrapped around him as he deeply thrusted into her. His thrust became hard and thick as he planted a deep kiss around her lips. His moans vibrated around her mouth as he started to impale her even further into the mattress.

“Fuck…” Claire cried out as she stared into her lover’s eyes. For the very first time her eyes were open. She wanted to see every expression Samuel made as he headed deeply into her.

Samuels face was darkened with lust as he made he pulled himself shortly out of her but entered her with such force that she was inching her way off the bed.

“Yes harder!” She yelled. His movements became vigorous and deep and all they could hear throughout the room was there skin colliding together hard.

Her head leaned back over the bed, her long black hair swayed with each plunge Samuel made into her body. She never felt this type of longing for another man. The hairs on her body stood as she felt her second climax peaking near its end. Her walls caved in around his prick as she jerked and convulsed her orgasm around his cock.

Samuel held on for as long as he could. But once his name was uttered out of Claire’s lips in pleasure, his last thrust was deep and slowly. He let his release into her run smoothly and each spurt of his seed started to run down her shaken thighs.

He didn’t slump his sweated body on top of her or roll on to his side. He slowly leaned in and kissed her flushed lips. He didn’t pull out of her immediately because he was done with her. He naturally let himself soften from inside her and brought her slumped body closer to his.

There was no uneasiness or neglectfulness in Claire’s system. Just Samuel’s seed running through her and the scent of his earthly body next to hers.

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