Dark Space: Chapter 1


In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship MOYA is awakened from their hyper-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel on an unknown planet. Terror starts to unfold as one of the aliens gets a hold of the ship and takes off each crew member one by one. 

Clicking and humming rang out through the empty spacecraft. The deep halls and doorways lit up as the spaceships computer S.I.S.T.E.R turned on all the projecting lights and other navigating computers on the very extensive starship MOYA. The busy of the machines resonated out through the room where the space pods laid out in single files. The pods where smooth and crisp white. The interior of the pods lit as each of the hyper sleep chambers information turned on over its pod screen doors.

Science Officer James E.L.; age unknown; body temperature 96.8; blood pressure 120 over 70 identification number 48227000′

‘Head Engineer Daniel Fly; age 34; body temperature 97.6; blood pressure 120 over 80 identification number 61286000’

‘Second Engineer Rick Blake; age 30, body temperature 98.4; blood pressure 121 over 80 identification number 91567000’

‘Pilot Navigator Chiana Rumple; age 29; body temperature 96.2; blood pressure 120 over 80; identification number 66428000’

‘Executive Officer Ryan Hynge; age 40; body temperature 98.3, blood pressure 120 over 85; identification number 911582000’

‘Captain Carter Deel; age 45; body temperature 99.1; blood pressure 120 over 86; identification number 45347000’

‘Warrant Officer Kit Harington; age 28; body temperature 98.6; blood pressure 120 over 82; identification number 010288000’

‘Second Warrant Officer Stacy Keen; age 26; blood pressure 98.8; blood pressure 122 over 80; identification number 121478000’

S.I.S.T.E.R opened each person’s hyper sleep pod and turned on the air conditioning system. The first to open there eyes was Kit. His vision was blurry and his body felt like it was floating in midair. He can feel the controlled air ghost over his skin as he tried to wiggle his hands and toes. He slowly lifted his head from the chamber pod and smoothly swung his legs over the pods bed. His bare feet didn’t touch the floor; the pod was leveled above the ground. His body felt tingling all over as he tried to gather his surroundings. The air felt nice against his warm body. Even though the readings on his pod said his body temperature was normal, he still felt balmy through his skin.

He looked around to find the rest of his crew stirring from there hyper sleep. His eyes landed on one particular pod. Stacy didn’t notice eyes watching her as she slowly lifted her head and gave out a small and exhausted yarn. Her deep amber curls were pulled up into a tight bun and her ebony skin gave a nice glow through the bright lighting of the chamber room. Kit kept his eyes on Stacy as she stood up from her space pod bed and walked over to the entrance of the chamber door. With each strut, her hips swayed and her tight white t-shirt and white boy shorts clung to her curves nicely. She punched in the key codes to unlock the chamber and swiftly walked out the room. Kit kept his gaze at the door while his mind absently wandered off. Everyone was still trying to gather their bearings.

“You alright there champ?” Heavy sets of hands landed on Kit’s shoulder and brought him out of his daydream.

“Uh…yeah…still feeling groggy” Kit said looking up at his captain. Carter nodded his head in acceptance and let go of Kit’s shoulder. Kit gave the captain his full attention.

“Are we even back on earth yet?” Kit asked.

“No, where not even half way there; don’t know why S.I.S  woke us up so soon…meet me in the navigation room and we will see what’s up” Carter looked down at Kit still sitting in his chamber pod. Kit nodded his head as Carter slowly walked towards the chamber door. Kit slowly got up and followed pursuit.

Kit stepped into the breakfast room and smelled the coffee being brewed and breakfast being dispensed by S.I.S.T.E.R.’s microwave station. Everyone had already grabbed something to eat and started on their breakfast. Kit decided to head over to the showers and grab a cup of coffee later. He watched closely as Stacy grab herself a cup of coffee and sit down with the other crew members. Her eyes graciously glanced up at Kit and she gave him a small smile. He returned the gesture and quickly looked away from her gaze and started to head over to the showers.

* ~ *

“Why would S.I.S stop us for a distress signal? On what planet is the signal coming from?” the Pilot Navigator Chiana asked as she sat at her pilot’s chair. Kit walked into the navigator’s chamber just as he overheard Chiana’s question to the rest of the operating crew.  Everyone was fully dressed in their uniforms and standing around the captains station. The room was filled with build in computers and stationed chairs. Each station had its own operating computer and its split level design gave more view to the deep space that they were traveling in.

“The planet and signal is unknown; It seems a bit odd that the ship would completely stop, unless it gave out specific instructions to stop” Stacy said as she swirled in her chair to look at her commanding officers. She spotted Kit on the second level holding his cup of coffee and meekly listening in.

“Is the signal from a commercial ship?” asked Executive Officer Ryan.

“That’s the thing, the signal is unknown, and it’s not from a starship at all” Stacy said looking at everyone.

“I think we should just override S.I.S.T.E.R’s signal and keep heading home” Chiana said looking weary at her captain. She hoped and prayed that he agreed with her.

“Now, what if it is a starship and we just leave and there stranded maybe it’s unknown because there signal is messed up, it happened before…” Carter’s statement rang through Kit’s mind. It has happened before where a starship’s signal gets caught up in a planet’s atmosphere and it becomes unknown.  Kit steadily walked up to the first level where everyone stood at the control panels.

“Carter’s right” Kit said

“What if someone needed our help and we just left them there” Carter nodded his head in agreement. The rest of the crew still looked concerned.

“Look, let’s just see what it’s all about, if it’s nothing, well head back to orbit and head home, but if its serious and someone needs help, at least we answered” carter said. Chiana gave out a huge sigh and nodded in agreement. Ryan stood up from his chair.

“Well do the standard company policy…Chiana, Cap and I will investigate, while Kit and Stacy stay in the Navigation room to communicate with us and to make sure everything is alright”. Everyone agreed and headed off to their station and where ready to head to the coordinates of the distress signal. Kit slowly walked up to his station and purposely brushed his hand up against Stacy’s arm before he sat down at his station. The only thing Stacy could do was smile and shakes her head quietly.

Stacy gave the distress signals coordinates to the pilots and Chiana started to auto navigated the starships destination.  The navigation signals to the planet seemed ire and wacky, but Chiana and the captain pulled through and deciphered the signal, they reached the planet where the signal came from.

The orbit of the planet looked cloudy and it appeared to be a storm was passing through the planet.

“See Chiana…the planet is suffering from a storm, that’s why the signal is unknown” Carter said to her. Chiana gave Captain Carter a miffed looked. She still had a bad feeling about this whole situation. With the help of her Captain and Kit; she slowly steady the ship into the atmosphere and kept MOYA from crashing head on into the planet.

“Alright guys…the signal is coming from that ship” Stacy said looking through the navigation system.

The unknown spacecraft was all black with a rigid exterior. Its black finished shaped its self to look like an enormous size gun.  The outside seemed glossed and furrowed. The craftsmanship on the object seemed curved and etched with scribbled writing.

“Is there any place to land our ship safely?” Carter asked looking over at Chiana as she punched in her codes through the computer.

“Yes, over by that high rock, we can safely land there.” Chiana said looking over her systems data intently.

“Alright land us baby girl” Carter said.

Chiana looked over at her captain in disgust.

“Don’t ever call me that again” the mood everyone felt lightened up as everyone laughed. MOYA landed safely on the unknown planets dusty ground. The view to the abandoned looking spacecraft was visible but there were still specks of cloud that hung over the ghostly ship.

“Okay, Chiana, Ryan; suit up and get ready to leave in thirty minutes” Carter said as he unbuckled out of his seat.

“Kit see if you can read out a signal for us, Stacy I want you to try and detect if there is any life force on the ship” Carter got up from his seat and left to the space suit room to change into his space suit. Everyone had left the navigation room. Stacy ventured off into one of the control rooms to get through any other signal she might find. Kit intently watched her and slowly started to follow her. He knew what he had to get done that the Captain wanted, but it’s been awhile; months even since he had properly spoken to Stacy, he figured since everyone is suiting up and is keeping busy…he’ll just have to find the time to talk to his girlfriend…

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