Dark Space: Chapter 2


Chapter 1

The control room was steady and quite. The white noise of the computers kept Stacy’s mind at ease as she typed in her codes on her handheld tablet. She wasn’t aware that someone was behind her, staring at her the whole time she was in the room.

“Hello you” Kit said with his husky English accent as he was standing by the door. Stacy turned to meet Kit’s gaze and gave him a once over.

“Hi Mr. Harington” she said mockingly but with a warm smile.

“You know I hate it when you call me that” he said with a small chuckle. He fully went into the control room and turned to the side and punched in the key codes to close the door behind him and set the exposed window on the door to be tinted. Stacy looked from the corner of her eye and watched what he did; she knew what he was up to.

“Why did you tint the window?” Stacy asked now fully looking at him. But she already knew the answer to that question. Kit didn’t answer her as he kept his eyes on her and moved towards her.

“We have stuff that needs to get done” She said but her heart started to quicken when Kit moved close to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and started to kiss her neck and took in her scent.

“I missed you” he whispered in her ear. Stacey closed her brown eyes to his soft but deep voice. She put down her tablet on one of the shelves. She slowly turned around and quickly planted a deep kiss to Kit’s soft lips. A deep moan escaped his lips as he took his hand and buried it into her deep curly hair. Kit continued his kisses down her warm neck and trailed to her earlobe.

“I want you” he huskily said as he started to unbuckle and unzip her pants. Stacy gasped and leaned closer to Kit as she felt his hand go down the front of her pants and into her already soaked panties. He caressed over her swollen clit and started to spread her moist lips and he nibbled and sucked on her neck. She couldn’t control her moans as she buried her flushed face on the crock of his neck.  Stacy took hold of his face and deeply kissed him as she felt two of his slender fingers enter her dripping entrance. She quickly unbuckled Kit’s pants and moved her hands over his already hard cock and released him from his restraints. Stacy couldn’t take the feeling anymore and wanted Kit to be inside her. She broke the deep kiss and licked her hand; she loved the sound of his moans as she started to stroke his hard cock.

Kit gently turned her around and fully brought her panties and pants down to her knees. He reached his hand from under her and slowly spread opened her moist lips and gently placed himself inside her. Stacy took everything in her power to not try and scream out in pleaser. Kit’s breathing was deep and harmonious as he kept thrusting deep insider her. Stacy braced herself over the bolted steal shelf and put her head back. She turned her head to capture Kit’s lips and moan deep into his mouth. She didn’t last much longer as Kit speed up his thrusting and all the control she tried to hold over flowed as she came hard over his pulsing cock. The loud moans and the tight grip over Kit’s cock took hold of him as he came deep inside his girlfriend. Both of them trembled into each other’s arms as they tried to catch their breaths. Stacy slowly turned around and looked into Kit’s flushed and lustful eyes. She kissed him deeply and smiled through the kiss. They slowly pulled away from each other and gazed at each other.

“Feel better now…?” She asked her boyfriend in a quiet voice. Kit smiled and nodded his head. Just then the control room door tried to open with someone behind it cursing loudly. Kit and Stacy quickly pulled up there pants and tried to fix themselves up as best as possible. The loud cursing continued as someone was trying to get into the control room. Kit quickly kissed Stacy and started for the door. He punched in the key codes to unlock the door and the door flew open. Rick was a shorter size then Kit and much older was on the other side and gave Kit a weird look. Kit smiled at Rick and proceeded to walk out the room. Rick watched Kit’s every move as he left out his sight and looked back at Stacy as she seemed “busy” doing whatever she was doing. Rick walked in the room and gave Stacy a look.

“What?” Stacy asked pretending to look annoyed. Rick just laughed knowing there was something between his commanding officers. It’s forbidden to date or see anyone in your working crew. If found with any suspension of such matters, you could be fired and never work in a space craft ever again. Even if Rick felt that there was something between Stacy and Kit; he wouldn’t say anything. He really cared about them, so even if they did get caught, he would vouch for them entirely.

A beeping sound came from Stacy tablet and she stared at the screen perplexed and concerned. Rick turned his attention to the beeping noise and Stacy’s face expression.

“What’s wrong Stace?” Rick asked using her long time nickname.

“I just found something strange…” Stacy said without finishing her sentence. She walked quickly out of the control room and down the long corridor.


Kit sat at his station in the navigator’s chamber and tried to get a signal to his crew as the team had already left the ship and ventured off on the planet’s surface. He got through to the captain once he got a signal but the moment Captain Carter, Chiana and Ryan got closer to the unknown ship, he lost their signal.

The navigator’s chamber main door opened up and ran in Stacy looking for Kit.

“Kit!” Stacy said hurriedly as she ran towards him. Kit looked up to find his girlfriend flushed and concerned written all over her face.

“Hun, what’s wrong?” Kit asked.

“Kit…look at this reading I got…” Stacy said thrusting the tablet into Kit’s hand. Kit looked over what she gave him and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Kit, it wasn’t a distress signal we got, it was a warning…” She said out of breath.

“A warning for what?” Kit asked looking at Stacy “and from whom?”

“It’s from the ship, the only thing I could read is that it’s from a pilot from that ship” Stacy said looking at Kit.

“…I think it’s a warning to stay away…” Stacy finished. Kit gave her a grave look and turned his attention to his control panels.

“I have to tell Carter” Kit said as he started to punch in the signals to reach him. He couldn’t get a direct signal.

“Stacy, go to your station and see if you can a hold of Chiana or Ryan…I can’t get a signal to Carter” Kit said hurriedly said.

“It might be this atmospheres weather…it’s messing up the signal” Stacy said as she sat down at her station.  Stacy sat at her station and tried to get through to her crew but with no luck. Kit’s heart started to quicken as the information dawned on him. He needed to get to Carter and very fast…


Static noises can be heard from their space helmets as they moved forward toward the unknown ship. The walk wasn’t long but the dust storm made it difficult to see and travel in. The unknown ships blasted door was a gape and seemed charred from the inside. Carter stepped in first as he wanted to be the first to inspect the spacecraft. Chiana followed afterwards along with Ryan. Chiana held her tablet to her chest as she looked around her surroundings.

The interior was much rigged and dark. A mist hovered over them as they walked slowly passed each corridor. Just then Chiana’s tablet made a signal noises as she passed one of the corridors.

“Carter…” Chiana called to her captain as she turned her attention to the abandoned looking room. Carter walked up ahead of her and stepped into the room. The massive chamber was much larger then there ship combined. In the middle of the room laid an object of some kind. Just as they walked further into the room, they realized that the object was enormous; it was much too big to be a human but it definitely had the human anatomy and distinct features of a large ox or some sort of beast… Its blue and black mangled body lay out in a puddled heap of its own decomposing green and purple guts.

“What the hell is that?” Chiana asked as she stepped closer to the mangled and decomposed body. It seems as through the body was torn from the inside out.

“Don’t know what this is…” Ryan whispered. Ryan stepped closer to the dead alien’s body and started to fully examine it.

“Should we take it back to the lab so James can go over the body?” Ryan asked looking up at his captain.

“No…What ever happened to this alien has been dead for a while…” Carter said crouching down to look at the body further.

“Let’s just do one quick search and get the fuck out of here” Carter said as he got up from his spot. Ryan followed pursuit and stood from where he was crouching. Everyone walked out of the chamber and left the mangled alien body where it laid.

Ryan trailed far behind the group and something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. He followed his attention to an exposed open corridor. The room was about the same size as the chamber pilot’s room but it was pitch black and the only glowing light is the red dimmed emergency lights. Ryan reached into his space suit pouch and took out one of his flair sticks to give him more vision into the room.

“Carter?” Ryan called through his radio that was built into his helmet. He was only met with static noise.

“Carter? You need to hurry and look at this…” Ryan said through the static radio out of breath. What he was seeing was unbelievable to his own eyes. Objects that looked like slimmed eggs hovered over his head on top of the ceiling. Ryan looked on in amazement as he took his flair stick and try to shine over the high ceiling to get a better look.  Just as he was fully shining his stick flair over one of the unknown eggs, one of the eggs starts to move and jolt; the slimed object starts to open very slowly, just as he was about to move closer to the eggs, one of the slimed creatures leaps from its embryo and latches on to Ryan’s space helmet. Ryan gave out a howling scream as the creature started to melt into his helmet and latch on to his face.


“KIT! STACY! DO YOU READ?!” Kit presses the receiving button the moment he heard Carter’s voice.

“Yes, I’m here” Kit said try to wean out the static noises.

“WHERE HEADING BACK TO THE SHIP; SOMETHING HAPPENED TO RYAN” Carter’s transmission through his helmet kept dropping as the condition with the weather kept getting worst.

“Carter, your breaking up what happened to Ryan?” nothing but static noises was met with howling wind from the receiver.

“Carter, Chinana, what happened to Ryan?” Kit had a horrible feeling in his stomach as he was met with no answer.

Just then the main chamber door open to MOYA and an alarm signal indicated that there was an unknown object in the main lock and needed to be quarantined, Kit’s heart started to hammer as he looked on the projection screen to see Carter and Chiana hover over a past out Ryan and there was something wrapped around his face and helmet. Stacy sat at her station and placed her microphone in her ear along with Kit.

“Chiana?” Stacy called to her piolet as she looked over her own projection screen.

“Stacy, tell Kit to override the quarantine protocol and let us in” Chiana said fully out of breath. Stacy looked up at Kit but Kit immediately responded.

“I can’t do that…” Kit said with a stern and direct tone. Stacy gave him a perplexed but pleading look.

“What the fuck do you mean you can’t do that…you’re the next commanding officer…open the fucking door so we can get this thing off of Ryan!” Chiana yelled through her helmet radio. Even with Chiana’s annoyance, Kit still wasn’t budging.

“I’m following protocol Chi…once quarantine is done, then I’ll let you guys in, until then, you’re going to have to wait…” Kit was cut off by Stacy who turned off his microphone.

“Kit, maybe we can save Ryan, we shouldn’t just leave them out there…” Stacy stated but was cut off by Kit.

“Yea, and if I let him in, who’s to say whatever that thing is wrapped around Ryan’s face is dangerous” Kit said. Stacy fully looked into Kit’s eyes and she tried to look past his steely expression.

“KIT OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!” Carter’s booming voice rang out to the speakers that brought both Stacy and Kit out of there trance. Kit turned back on his microphone.

“Carter…I’m not doing it…wait till the quarantine is done…” just then S.I.S.T.E.R’s automatic voice rang out through the room.

‘Pad lock open, override quarantine’ Kit gave a bewildered look.

“Who override the fucking quarantine?!” Kit yelled and he was fuming.

“Stacy, was that you!?” Stacy looked at Kit in annoyance and shocked.

“What? No! I don’t have the password” The overhead microphone came on and Science Officer James voice boomed into the speakers.

“Bring Ryan into the Medics Room…Now…”


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