Dark Space: Chapter 5


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Stacy clenched to Kit’s arm as she tried to hold back the hot tears that were trying to stream down her face. She swallowed a lump in her throat as she watched her ship mates cover Ryan Hynge’s hyper pod casket with reefs of flowers. They were in the main docking corridor as they held a small funeral for Ryan. Everyone stepped back from the casket as Chiana opened one of the revolving latches to open the pad locked doors and ejected the casket into the open and dark outer space.

Much wasn’t said for the rest of the day by the crew as they all mourned in their own separate ways. Kit never once left Stacy’s side as they volunteered to get Ryan’s things and put in a separate storage box so once they landed back home; they would be able to give it to his loved ones. Throughout the processes of getting his stuff, Stacy would break down in tears and would have to stop what she was doing. Kit would stand by her and hold her as she started to crumble in her grief. Carter’s voice rang out from the intercom for all the crew members to head to the main cargo bay.

Everyone staggered into the openness of the cargo bay and everyone looked defeated and tired, everyone except for Carter; he looked determined and his serious expression alerted the other crew members.

“Alright guys, I know right now where still mourning the loss of Ryan…” he said as he looked down at his feet and started to kick some pebbles around but then he brought his attention back to the crew members.

“But we need to talk about this fucking creature that’s in our ship” Chiana looked at her Captain with an equal amounts of fear and tiredness.

“James…can you please tell us what we’re dealing with?” Carter asked looking at his science officer. Everyone brought their attention to James as he sat on one of the crates in the far end of the room. He shifted on his crate as his stocky figure hovered where he was sitting.

“From the collection of data that I took from the creature, it needs a host organism in order for it to reproduce” James looked on at his crew members.

“The cells in its “blood” starts to multiply as it generates the DNA from its host…from the looks of what happened to Ryan, his DNA helped the creature morph from his body and grow at an alarming rate…”

“You mean to tell me that thing is still growing?” Stacy asked as she sat by Kit in disbelief.

“Yes…it seems it can still grow once it exists from its host” Everyone’s expression changed from pure exhaustion and grief, to alertness and fear. Carter stepped in the middle of the group; he stood up straight and looked at his crew members.

“With that said, we have to quickly find this thing before it starts to grow and bigger than what it is”

“How do suggest we do that? Kit asked as he folded his arms across his chest.

“We have our motion trackers we can detect the creature…we have some netting and flamethrowers we could push the creature in one of the air locks and blast it into space”

“Why can’t we just shoot the fucking thing?” Daniel asked in a frustrated voice.

“Didn’t you see its fucking blood?!” Carter boomed in annoyance.

“If we shoot the thing you run the risk of its blood hitting one of the main wiring to the ship” Kit chimed in. Daniel looked around the room and kept silent for the rest of the meeting.

“Now, I need everyone to start getting the equipment’s and meet back here in about 30 minutes so we can come up with a plan to get this fucker off our ship” everyone started to move from there spots and headed to the destinations of their perspective equipment’s that they need to capture the creature. Everyone left the room except for James, who sat by and watched as everyone existed the room one by one.


The creature thrashed and banged about in one of the main ventilation systems. Its body started to crack and seethed as it started to crawl from the floor to the ceiling. Its’s legs and arms started to ooze as it clawed on the walls.

Its bulging dark eyes blinked wildly as it screeched and withered in pain. Ripping and moist tearing rippled through the room as the creature started too slowly but achingly molt from its former body. Its eyes bolted out of its former sockets and out came a new set of bugged eyes and frame. It was now slowly out of its former body as it now donned a new set of beetle like clawed fangs.  Its arms were now bulky and it had a new set of tentacles clawing from its back side. The creature stood on its high legs and was now tall enough to reach the ceiling of the open ventilation system.

It’s stiff but sensitive body started to rumble as it screeched into the open air and took off from its spot leaving behind it’s molted body.


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