Dark Space: Chapter 6


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Kit entered the code to one of the many storage sheds and started to look around the room. There were many different supplies in the room and Kit couldn’t quite find what he was looking for. Flame throwers, flashlights and different gadgets were spewed about while Kit looked around for what he was looking for. Finally Kit found the netting and tracker motion sensor. He grabbed the supplies and existed out of the room, putting in the code to lock the room. He walked along the narrow corridor of the ship as his mind was elsewhere. Everything that transpired in the past 24 hours has been hard to process for him. He has never seen such an event like the one he saw in the break room. He could still here Ryan’s bone cracking and the vision of his body being ripped apart…It was too much for Kit to handle at the moment.

Kit made his way back to the cargo bay as he saw Rick and Daniel setting down some heavy crates on the floor. Kit looked around the large room. The captain and the rest of the crew members that started to come into the room with different supplies needed to try and capture the creature. Everyone was accounted for except for one important person…

“Have you guys seen Stacy?” Kit asked the two ship engineers as they started to organize the crates.

“She hasn’t come back since we all left the room” Daniel said as he was opening up one of the crates. Kit started to feel his heart quicken in worry and his expression showed his uneasiness. They both Kit and Stacy went their separate ways after they left the cargo bay to find extra supplies. That was an hour ago when he saw Stacy leave…

“Can you radio her and let her know I’m looking for her” Kit said to the men urgently as he stormed off out of the room. Rick looked on in worry and set his stuff down to follow his friend out the room. For many years now Rick has always admired his warrant officer. They have worked with each other on various projects and they always looked out for each other, even when they were in the wrong about something; they had a fondness to protect each other no matter what. So seeing Kit distressed worried Rick greatly. Plus Rick already suspects that Kit and Stacy were dating, so he understood Kit’s apprehension for her.

Kit hurriedly made it into the long hallway and into the navigation chamber. He punched in the codes to look through the surveillance cameras throughout the ship to look for his girlfriend. He frantically hunched over the computer controllers and looked through each computer screen and couldn’t find her in any of the different angles.

“Where the hell is she?” Kit mumbled under his breath in frustration. Just as he sat up straight and was ready to quickly leave the room, Rick was right behind him and stopped Kit in his tracks.

“What’s up Kit?” Rick asked as he stood in Kit’s way and looked him in the eyes. He already knew the answer but wanted to hear it from Kit’s mouth.

“Stacy hasn’t gotten back yet and that thing is loose around the ship and I don’t want her getting hurt or worse” Kit was ready to move to the side but Rick grabbed his arm.

“I’ll go look for her…” Rick said in a calm and reassuring tone. Kit gave Rick a perplexed look and shook his head no.

“You need to get back to the cargo bay with everyone else, I’ll take care of finding Stacy” Rick didn’t let go of Kit’s arm.

“Look…we can’t have two warrant officers getting lost, I’ll find her and bring her back to the cargo bay” without hearing Kit’s protest he walked out of the navigation chamber and down the long corridor. Rick decided to take his chances and head on over to the third level of the ship. If there were any supplies left, it would be on the third level in one of the many locked sheds. This is probably where Stacy ventured off to. Rick made his way at the far end of the corridor and put in the key codes to the automatic ladder. He pulled on the ladder as it emerged from the wall and placed itself on the cold steal frame. It lowered Rick into the musty and dark third level. As he stepped down off the ladder and started walking, he felt the rusty floor feel wet and slippery. Without thinking much of it, he looked around the semi dark room and started calling out Stacy’s name.

“Stace? You down here?” His voice was raspy and shaky.

“Stacy talked to me?” There were only sounds of the humming of the ship and the quietness of the chamber. He was about to leave the room but started to hear light tapping from behind him. He slowly turned around and started to squint his eyes to see if that was Stacy behind him.

“Hey Stace…is that you?” With quickness like anything Rick has ever seen, the creature came from the shadows and took one of its tentacles from its slimy back and impaled Rick threw his side and yanked him forward into the darkness. Rick made no noise as he was dragged into the abyss from the cargo and the sound of his bones crushing in the quietness of the chamber.


Stacy strolled down the long hallway and entered to one of the empty engine rooms. The room had a large ceiling revolving fan and electrical tubing wrapped around the ceiling walls. The revolving ceiling fan gave a slight breeze as she walked past into the room. Just as she was headed to the other side of the room, she heard a crackling noise from behind her. She slowly turned around and waited for the noise to start up again.

“Hello?” Stacy’s voice vibrated into the room. Just as she stepped a bit closer into the room a small dripping sound was heard into the distance. There was never any sound before Stacy thought as she stepped a little closer into the room. The wet dripping sound became louder as she peered her eyes forward and saw where the sound was coming from.

Behind a crate and few storage boxes the dripping sound before her came profound as Stacy moved some crates to the side. Once she stepped closer to the liquid substance she started to realize that it wasn’t oil or any type of water that she thought, but it was crimson red and thick…

Stacy froze in her spot and decided on her better judgement but to slowly look up at the ceiling. Just as her eyes reached to the ceiling, she clamped her hands over her mouth and was deeply horrified at what she discovered on top of one of the revolving ceiling fans. Ricks’s mangled and skinned body hung from the ceiling as his blood was dripping on the storage rooms’ floor. His legs were tied up by the electrical wiring and the tube that held the wiring was ripped apart. With her heart hammering in her chest and terror written all over her face, she quickly backed away from the area and quickly ran out the room screaming for help and tears rolling down her eyes.


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