Dark Space: Chapter 7


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Stacy almost tripped over her own feet as she ran down the long corridor to head to the cargo bay area. She screamed at the top of her lungs from the moment she left the shaft area and witnessing Ryan’s mangled body.

Just as she was about to turn the corner with her voice becoming horse for yelling for help and her eyes glazed over from crying, she ran right next to a solid figure. The abrupt force knocked the wind out of her and she fell back into the floor.

“Stacy!” Kit shouted excitedly and with some relief as he helped his shaken girlfriend off the floor.

Just as she reached to her feet, Stacy longed at Kit and wrapped her arms around his neck and started to sob in the crook of his neck.

“Rick…he’s…oh my god-Kit…He’s dead…” Her stammering confused Kit as he pulled from her embrace and looked into his girlfriend’s frightening eyes.

“Stacy?…what? Calm down…I can’t understand you” Kit said.

“RICK IS DEAD!” Stacy snapped as she broke down into tears. Kit’s expression changed from worried to horror as he tried to process what Stacy blurted out.

“Where is he?” Kit ordered with a gruff and determined voice.

“He’s…he’s in the engine room…engine room number 8” Stacy cried as she tried to pull herself together. Kit went to one of the corner radio stations and called for Carter and Daniel to the corridor where he and Stacy were stationed. Kit allowed Chiana to take Stacy back to the mess hall and keep her safe while the rest of the crew went to go and retrieve Rick’s body or what was left of him.

Sure enough, rick’s dripping remains were in the engine room, hanging from the ceiling and the smell of death surrounded the entire room.

“No…NO!” Daniel yelled as he saw his best friend’s remains hanging from the ceiling. Kit’s heart stared to feel full of regret as he looked up to the ceiling. ‘It’s my entire fault…’ Kit thought as he watched Carter and Daniel try and brings Rick body down.

Carter instructed Daniel to go and prepare for the crew to “bury” Rick’s remains and hold a funeral for him. One the order was set out, Carter pushed passed Kit and stormed out the engine room. Kit slowly followed suit.

The trip back to the mess hall was a silent one and extremely heated. Both Carter and Kit didn’t say a word as they met back with Chiana and Stacy.

The room was deathly quiet when Kit and Carter walked in, Danial had creeped up behind Kit along with James that came from one of the examination rooms.

“What the fuck happened?” Carter spat as he looked at Stacy with envy.

“I-I was just checking one of the engine monitors until I realized I was gone for longer then I should…” Stacy explained her voice still shaky.

“When I came back into the engine room, I found Rick’s body-“Stacy’s voice cracked as she tried to explain herself.

“Why in the fuck would you be back there!?”  Carter yelled at the top of his lungs. Without a word or warning, Kit came from the side and punched him square in the face.

“Don’t you fucking talk to her like that again!” Kit’s voice boomed as he watched his captain try and get his gathering back. Carter’s anger rose as he leaped for Kit and tackled him to the ground.

“Fuck you! Kit yelled as he over powered his commanding officer and started to throw punches to his face as he had him pinned to the ground.

“Kit Stop!” Stacy screamed as she tried to get her boyfriend off of her captain. It took Daniel, Stacy, Chiana AND James to pry Kit off of Carter.

The heated exchange left Kit out of breath and enraged, while Carter stood up battered and bruised as he tried to get his gatherings together.

“You guys have to calm the fuck down!” Chiana said as she stood in-between the men.

“This won’t bring Ryan or Rick back!” Chiana barked back as she look between the both of them with heated disappointment in her eyes.

Blood dripped from the captain’s nose and lips as Daniel hesitantly gave him a napkin.

“We’ll handle this later Harington…” Carter said quietly as he stepped back to one of the tables.

“But now we have to figure out how we can get this bastard off of our ship…”


“That’s a fucking suicide mission…” Kit claimed as he listened to his captain’s plans to get rid of the alien. Carter devised a plan to jettison the creature out of the ship. The captain would enter MOYA’s labyrinthine ventilation shafts, intending to force the alien into an airlock and ship it out into space.

“You got a fucking better plan Harington?” Carter barked back at Kit over the table.

Kit’s lips tightened as he looked down at the blue print and sighed in frustration. With the heated silence, Carter continued with his conversation and gave out his stricked instructions.

“Now, I need Daniel to over rise MOYA’s ventilation shaft system so I can get in and lure the damn thing out the ship” Daniel nodded as he listened on.

“Kit, I need you to be my ears and Chiana I need you to be my eyes…” Carter called out his orders as he walked off from the mess hall and entered the supply room. No one was able to get their captain to change his mind or think of a better plan as he headed towards the main ventilation shaft.

The rest of the crew went to the control room and did as they were told. Daniel started to override the shafts systems. Chiana was his eyes as he wanted as she looked on at the sensor system to see if the creature was nearby. Kit was his ears, giving him information of any findings and what to expect down the ventilation shaft.

Kit hated his captain’s guts at the moment, but he wanted him to get back to the cargo bay as soon as possible.

Carter descended down the shaft and started to climb down dusty steps and crouch down through narrow entrance way to try and get to a ventilation system.

“I don’t see shit here!” Carter exclaimed as he stepped further into the cramped ventilation shaft. Just as he was about to turn back with his equipment, he heard Chiana’s anxious voice break into the head set he had planted on his ears.

“Carter, there is movement coming your way! 15 steps straight ahead of you!” Carter looked in front of him in the dim lighting and all he could see was a dark space and a glow from his electrical lamp.

“I can’t see shit Chiana!” Carter blurted.

Kit started to panic as he heard Chiana’s tracking device beep into the quite room.

“Carter, get the fuck out of there…” Kit cried as static filled Kit’s ears as he heard his captain’s voice go into a panic.

“Guys I-“Carter was cut off by Chianas frantic screams.

“Carter it’s on top of you!” Just as her words uttered into his head set, Carter could feel his stomach be torn apart as the full size alien ripped his abdomen and proceeded to grab his head and rip it from his limp body.

All Kit and Chiana could hear were bones and flesh being crunched into the headsets. Chiana broke down into tears and screamed Carter’s name as Kit stood still in horror as he heard static noises in his headset and everything went silent…

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