Dark Space: Chapter 8


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“We need to get the fuck off this ship!” Daniel boomed as he slammed down there captains flame thrower on the steel cold table. Everyone was hauled up in the cafeteria room as Chiana and Stacy waited for Kit and Daniel to return from venturing into the ventilation shaft for their captain.

Kit and Daniel had tried with all their strength to look for Carter’s body in the ventilation shaft, but only to find blood splatter and bits of his skin chunks on the walls and dusted floor. There was nothing to recover of their captain but his tools and his flame thrower. This made Kit’s stomach turn inside out.

“We can’t leave off this ship” Kit calmly stated as he leaned over the steel table and placed his hands over the metal furniture.

“Why?!” This time it was Chiana’s voice that rose threw out the room but in fits of tears.

“We can leave through the ships emergency shuttle and just say fuck this!” Chiana cried.

“We can’t all fit in the shuttle Chi…there is only room for two, not five people” Stacy tried to explain to the rest of the surviving crew. The fear that was in the air made Kit very anxious. Kit was next-in-command to lead the rest of the team, but in all truth this also made him very wiry.

Kit continued to stand over the metal table and look far out into the room. His fixated look gave Stacy an uncomfortable feeling.

“Were going to continue with Carter’s plan…” Kit’s voice trailed off as he kept his gaze on the far wall of the room. Daniel raised himself from his spot and went into a fit of rage.

“FUCK YOU MAN!” Daniel boomed.

“That’s a fucking suicide mission! I’m not doing it!” Daniel started to yell. His booming screaming and ranting made Chiana cry even more and gave Kit a massive headache. Kit clenched his fits over the table and let out a ragged yell.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!” Kit’s English accent became heavy and angry. He darted his deep brown eyes to Daniel. The only thing Daniel could do was utter a “Fuck you” and he sat down at the far end of the room.

“Whether anyone of you likes this plan or not I really don’t give a shit” Kit started.

“I’m not letting this fucking thing take over our ship…so unless you have a useful plan to get rid of the damn thing for good…I don’t want to hear another word from you…got it!” Kit looked around the room with extreme irritation in his eyes. He finally took a glance at his girlfriend…who was sitting next to Chiana as she cradled the poor women into her arms. Kit’s expression softened a bit as Stacy locked eyes with him. She didn’t hide the fact that she was scared but tried to remain calm as her friend started to sob into her arms.

“We need to work together if we’re going to survive this creature” Kit said looking around the room again.

“We can’t go home unless this thing is off our ship”

“I want us all to survive this…but I can’t do this alone…I need you all to help me” Kit’s voice grew soft as he looked around the room.  After Daniel’s ragged breathing went back to normal, he stood up from where he was sitting and walked right next to Kit.

“I’ll start turning back on the ventilation system and check to see were else this creature could hide out in” Kit nodded his head as he watched Daniel walk out of the room.

Just as Daniel opens the door to leave; James started to slowly stroll into the room. Kit took note of this and looked at the science officer with a questionable expression.

“Where the hell have you been?” Kit asked his voice sounding gruff. Stacy looked up at the two gentlemen as Chiana started to calm down from her hysteria.

“I-I was taking samples from Carter’s blood and Rick’s blood…I was testing to see if the alien left their DNA around their killings…maybe that might help us in our quest to find it” James looked at Kit intently as he tried to answer his Captains question.

Kit wasn’t buying anything what James was telling him. James wasn’t to be found in any of the killings from this alien, and on top of that, he was the one that override his demand to let Ryan be quarantine first before he came on board to the ship. Kit stood up from his spot on the table and crossed his arms in front of James.

“I’m going to need to take a look at all the reports you have so far on this alien”

“Oh-I-I’m not done with any of me re-“James was cut off by Kit’s demanding tone.

“I’m not asking…I’m telling you to give me the latest report you have on this alien” James expression went from natural to agitation as he looked at Kit.

“Okay then…I’ll send it over to you…” James slowly turned around on his heels and left the room. Kit looked after the science officer and gave him a deathly glair behind his back.


Once Chiana was settled into her hyper sleep chamber and she was calm, Stacy walked out the room and back into the cafeteria room where Kit was sitting at one of the metal tables. Kit stood up from where he was sitting and watched a Stacy entered the room. Without even thinking, Stacy ran over to him and she lunged herself into his arms and started to break down.

Kit knew she was trying to stay strong for the rest of the group, but it was starting to prove too much for her as she started crying into his arms.

Kit held her close as her sobs started to quiet down.  The humming of the ships lights and the breathing of Kit’s chest gave Stacy a calm feeling as she looked up into her boyfriend’s face.

Kit’s heart broke as he looked at his girlfriend’s tear stained face. Kit unhooked his arms from around her waist and cupped her face into his warm hands.

He brought her face to his own and captured her trembling lips. Stacy eagerly kissed him back as she moaned over his lips and probing tongue. Kit let his hands travel from her face to the small of her delicate waist. Stacy started to nibble on Kit’s bottom lip as she started to become eager in wanting him.

Without a work uttered by either of them, Kit hoisted Stacy from off the floor and into his arms. He guided her over to the far end of the metal table and sat her down. Their lips and heated tongues never broke apart as Kit started to rip open her top from the middle of her chest.

He started to slowly kiss her neck and face. He cupped one breast into his hand and pinches the nipple and started to suck, kiss and nibble over the other breast. This caused Stacy to moan and wither under Kit’s kisses and touches.

Kit laid her down on the table as he started to kiss his way down her body. He hiked up her black skirt and put her panties to the side. Stacy started to sigh in pleasure as she felt Kit kiss her inner thighs and ghost over her already dripping sex.

She grabbed a fist full of his hair as he started to part open her soaking lips and sucked on the sensitive clit. Stacy put her head back on the table as Kit started paying close attention on her clit and dripping pussy lips. He slowly licked up and down and made circle motions with his tongue as he felt Stacy rotate her hips in small circles.

Stacy started to tremble and moan Kit’s name as she felt herself orgasm into Kit’s hungry mouth.

Kit pulled himself up and started to kiss Stacy’s flushed lips with her juices and still wrapped around his mouth and beard.

She didn’t know he had already unbuckled his pants and his cock was hard and ready for her.

He slowly slid his length into her soaked pussy and started to thrust deep into her. Stacy wrapped her arms around his neck as Kit filled her deeply and pounded into her soaking cunt. Instead of tears of fear, there were tears of pleasure running down Stacy’s face as she started to moan and scream Kit’s name.

The noises of their skin colliding with each other and the creaking of the table would wake up anyone in ear shot. But they didn’t care who would catch them as Kit grabbed her ass and started fiercely pound into Stacy.

“Fuck me harder!” Stacy screamed as her tears started to flow along with her dripping pussy. She wanted everything that Kit had to bring her to a high that would make her feel safe from their living nightmare. She held on to Kit tightly as she came for a second time and around Kit’s cock.

With a roar into Stacy’s ear, Kit came deeply into his girlfriend. She could feel his warm cum dripping from her tight cunt as he kept stroking into her.  Small sobs escaped Stacy’s lips as she started to calm down from her orgasm.

There was nothing Kit could do, but try and kiss her tears away and lay on top of her and he hold her close to his arms…

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