Dark Space: Chapter 9


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“Something isn’t right…” Stacy started as she watched Kit put back on his shirt. Stacy sat at the far end of the corner of the cafeteria room; she pulled her hair back into a pony tail as Kit was slowly putting back on his clothes.

“What do you mean?” Kit asked his girlfriend. He grabbed his shoes from the side of the table and walked over to sit right next to her.

“I think something is up with James” Stacy pointed out.

“He has been super quite throughout this whole ordeal and he still hasn’t given us a report” She explained.  Kit finally put on his shoes and fully looked at his girlfriend.’ Stacy is right’ Kit thought. ‘He has been quite’.

“Also I feel like he is lying about the reports” Stacy confessed. Kit stared at his girlfriend intently and listened on.

“I know for a fact S.I.S.T.E.R always updates its systems and data every hour and this whole nightmare has been going on for six hours now…” Stacy said.

“There are tons of updates…” She added. Kit looked down on the ground intently and didn’t say a word. He stood up where he sat in the cafeteria and looked down at his tired girlfriend.

“Well let’s go see what S.I.S.T.E.R has updated” Kit finally said.


Stacy punched in the key codes to access MOYA’s main computer system to S.I.S.T.E.R. Kit stepped in first as he sat down in front of the controlling system. The room was heavily lit and it was surrounded by buttons, computer screens and keyboards.

Stacy stood behind Kit as he punched in his own codes to access S.I.S.T.E.R.’s computer systems. He typed a status report for the past 8 hours. S.I.S.T.E.R. ran through every account that happened in the past 8 hours but something suspicious started to pop up.

For the past four hours S.I.S.T.E.R. didn’t record any data into its system. Kit typed in status report for the past four hours and the only thing that kept popping up on the screen was “unclassified”.

“How is this shit unclassified when I have the fucking codes?!” Kit cursed loudly.

“Move a sec” Stacy said. Kit traded places with Stacy and she sat down with a huff in front of the computer screen.

Stacey looked in a different access code into the classified files under James account. Once in, Stacy looked up all the data information in the past five hours and what they found stunned both her and Kit…

“What the fuck…” Kit breathed as he read through an updated report. James gave different data of the creature and how it’s killings was evolving. He calculated blood samples and different items at each killing site.

“Go to today’s data” Kit ordered. Stacy typed in the codes and uploaded were data information on what the creature was and what to do when the ship lands back home…James had contact with their commanding officers on earth and he had been ordered to return the alien to the crew’s home base.

Also in the report they considered everyone in the crew expendable if anything where to happen.

Kit started fuming.

“Kit…” Stacy looked up at her boyfriend as he started to storm off the room. Stacy ran after Kit as he stormed off into one of the corridor, just as Stacy was closing the access computer doors she turned around and was face to face with James.

“Kit!” Stacy yelped as James grabbed her by the throat and hoisted her up in the air. He threw her up against the door and was ready to strike her when he abruptly let go of her and she watched as James was being flung to the floor.

Kit stood over James and grabbed him by the shirt and angrily pulled his head up.


“You knew all along!” Just as Kit was ready to pull James on his feet but James grabbed a blunt object off the floor and started to bash Kit over the head with it.

Kit fell to the floor in a heap as he held the back of his head. James got up and continued to hit Kit repeatedly on his arm with the piped object. Blood escaped Kit’s mouth as he withered in pain.

Just as James was about to go through another blow, Stacy ran behind him and jumped on his back to try and choke him from behind. But James brute strength took Stacy and slammed her on to the hard ground.

With this distraction, Kit quickly stood up and side punched James in the face and it temporarily put him off balance. The force of the punch didn’t stop James from grabbing Kit by the neck and forcefully slammed him up against the wall.

Air was escaping from Kit’s lips as he tried to force air back into his lungs, but James brutal strength and hands gripped his throat and Kit could feel his conscious slipping but then something forced his body to the ground and the grip on his throat loosen.

Kit coughed and tried to catch his breath when he looked up to find Daniel holds James in a head lock and they both were thrashing about. Kit quickly looked over and found his girlfriend Stacy lying on the floor…holding her head in pain. He watched as Chiana ran to her and tries to see if Stacy was okay. Kit’s glare went back to James and Daniel now fighting in the middle of the room.

Kit looked to the side of him and found the blunt pipe that James was hitting him with. Kit picked up the pipe and angrily struts over to where James was now hovering over Daniels body.

Just as James smugly turned around, Kit with all his anger and might swung the pipe over James head and with just that one swing, James head went rolling across the floor.


“Holy shit!” Daniel yelled in shocked as James head went rolling on to the floor and landed right next to the door. Chiana screamed in fright as James head rolled passed her.

It wasn’t the fact that Kit took off a man’s head that shocked Daniel or made Chiana scream in terror…it was the discolored fluid that came out of James body. The color of James blood was a blue greenish color that resembled much like the aliens blood.

Kit backed away from James decapitated body as it moved and withered about. Its blood started seeping through the interior of the room and the body started making hissing and clicking sounds.

The decomposing acid body fell to a heap on the floor and started to disintegrate to the ground.

Kit looked in disbelief at what he just witnesses. Kit looked over at James severed head as it started to twitch and squirm.

“Holy fuck…” Daniel breathed heavily in fear.

“Kit…you okay man?” Daniel asked as he stood up from the ground. Kit didn’t say a word as he was still trying to gather what the hell he just witnessed. Daniel gathered himself and walked over to his commanding officer.

“Kit look at me” Daniel pleaded as he put his broad hands on his shoulder. Kit looked up at his friend, in still disbelief.

“Are you okay?” Daniel caught Kit’s attention as he nodded his head yes. Daniel took the half degenerated pipe from Kit and slowly walked over to check on the women that were lying on the floor.

Kit broke out of his lucid trance and realized that his girlfriend was still injured. Kit walked over to his girlfriend and helped her up off the floor. Once everyone checked on each other, they gathered themselves in the middle of the room.

“What the fucking was he?” Chiana asked as she held on to Stacy’s arm.

“I…” Kit started as he looked up at everyone in the room. For the first time in his entire career as being a warrant officer…he couldn’t give his team an explanation.

“I really don’t know what the hell he is” Kit said in a huff.

Kit and the crew gathered up everything that they could in the room, along with James severed head and the disengaged pipe that Kit hit him with. They all gathered themselves back into the front part of the ship in the control room. Daniel took James head and placed it on top of one the computer controllers. Stacy, who was still injured, sat down on one of the computer controllers and type in some key codes.

“James has the same blood as this creature” Stacy pointed out.

“I’m putting this in the data base and seeing what is going on…” Chiana sat herself right next to her friend while Kit stood behind Stacy’s chair and Daniel stood in front of the remaining crew.

It took a few moments before Stacy found what she was looking for and this information terrified her.

“What? What’s wrong?” Chiana asked as she looked at the screen confused. Stacy’s faced looked shocked and perplexed as she read the information out loud.

“Medical & Science officer James E.L was a bio-project experiment that was assigned to the MOYA ship, using an unidentified being and Android DNA to create a hybrid being to replace any and all officers on requiring missions”

“This droid was assigned to capture its half DNA creature in full and return all analysis and data back to our earth…even at the expense of any and all human personnel…” Stacy paused to look over at her now seething boyfriend.

“So our fucking company set this shit all up” Kit stated as he felt his blood boiling in his veins.

“But that’s not all my love…” Stacy said, not caring if anyone caught on that they were dating. There were more important matters at hand.

“This little project has been going on for 10 years…James was there first test run and they have been collecting samples from  that planet for over five years now…” Just as Kit stood back from where he was standing, a hideous laugh came from James decapitated head.

With a gurgling and croaked sound, Kit’s anger was already rising, but this just tipped him over the edge.

“You all will not survive this is very futile nightmare…you can never survive the most perfect organism on the planet” James horrid laughter ranged out throughout the control room.

With a quick jolt from her chair…Stacy went and grabbed hold of the already half eaten pipe and started to bash James remaining head in. She repeated this move several times before his head shrunk and acid poured all over the floor and control table.

Stacy threw the pipe to the ground and turned to the rest of the crew members and including her surprised boyfriend.

“We’ll take our chances on that shuttle…”


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