Take Me Away: Chapter 7 (Part 1: Sensual)

Samuel is an outlaw; Claire just wants to be free from her hell. What will happen when their paths meet?

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The sun rays through the window made the room feel warm and vast with brightness. But the feeling Claire was getting was vast in nature. The room was mildly warm not because of the suns beaming rays but of the rapidly moving bodies that were intertwined with each other.

Claire’s hands were firmly together as she was placed facing a full view mirror with her hands tied over her head using Samuel’s belt buckle and it was tied at the other end of the mirror and wall beam. She watched as her eyes went hazed and dark as her new found lover was behind her, pounding into her body and making her shiver throughout. His firm hands spread her legs open as she steadily held on to belt buckle that she was tied in. Her hands were above her head and she was met face to face with her lustful eyes through the dusted mirror.

She never liked looking at herself or the men she was ever with. Her eyes would always dart from their faces and look elsewhere. But this morning, Samuel wanted to change all of that. The movements of his thrusting made the mirror move slightly and Claire moaned out in pleasure.

“Oh, fuck…” her voice trailed off as she felt Samuel go deep into her aching mound. She could feel his breath ghost over her ear and neck.

“Don’t look down” His southern drawl growled in her ear. ” keep your eyes on that mirror…” Claire’s hazed eyes looked up into the mirror as she felt her clit being vigorously rubbed by Samuels large fingers. She yelped in pleasure as his other hand gently wrapped itself around her slender neck. Samuel growled in her ear as he increased his speed and put a firmer grip around her neck.

For the past two days, Samuel had been delicate with her and their sex had been nothing but mild. But once Samuel got to explore and learn her body, he started to become eager and animalistic. He never did anything to harm her or make her feel uneasy, but he did show how raw he could be with her in bed.

Samuel could feel her walls clenching over his swollen cock. Her orgasm pulsing with each thrust he was making. Finally, Samuel let go of her and started to back away from her. She was getting used to the rhythm and thrusting of his hips that once he stopped she whimpered in protest.

“Please don’t stop…” her soft voice begged in bliss. She can see through the mirror that his chest was hitching hard and his cock was still stiff.

“Turn around” Samuel’s demands didn’t seemed harsh, but his accent was thick with each hard breathing. Claire turned herself to face him and she finally looked him deep into his lustful eyes. She would of never agree to this in the past. To be tied up by a man and have him use her. But with the way Samuel approached her about this concept, she didn’t second guess or felt afraid. She knew she wanted to please Samuel in any way that she can. She watched as Samuel strode right in front of her. His hard-breathing ghost upon her lips as he steadily grabbed her by the face and kissed her hard.


“Please come back inside of me” Claire begged with a harsh whisper. She felt that strong ache to have him back inside of her.

“You want me back in you darlin?” Samuel growled and bit the bottom of her lip.

“You want me to fuck you?” His politeness wasn’t there anymore. Just a man and his hunger for the women he wants. Claire looked in to his eyes and breathed “yes”. Samuel then spread her legs wider and went back inside her with ease. The slickness of her juices made it easy for him to pound her vigorously. She shrieked in pleasure as he kept up his pace and he started to squeeze and fondle over her firm breast. Samuel kissed, hissed and nibbled over Claire’s lips. She held fast on her restraints that was over her head and she could feel herself gushing and pulsing over Samuels solid cock.

“Oh yes, fuck me” Claire moaned into Samuels ears. She wished in that moment she could wrap her arms around his neck. His face was merely inches from hers, but he laid soft kisses and growled into her neck with each orgasm he felt her have. Claire had never orgasmed this much with any of the men she has been with.  None of them made her feel this good or this sensual about herself. Claire cried out in pleasure as she felt her sensitive walls were tightening around his stiff member. Samuel took Claire’s legs and wrapped it around his toned waist and slammed himself as hard and as fast as his hips could hold.

“Fuck!” He growled loudly into Claire’s ears as he felt his hot semen spurs into her. Rope after rope of his seed spilled into her and around her shaking thighs. Samuel tried to bring back his breathing and was still holding Claire tightly and her legs still wrapped around his waist.

“You alright?” He asked softly and huskily. Claire looked at him fully and nodded yes. He slowly let her down back to the ground and softly took her face to kiss her. His lips were swollen and her heart was still beating fast. Samuel slowly pulled away from her and they both gave each other satisfied and sensual grins…

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