Who I am and Why I’m here

I write to keep myself sane and express my emotions. Three years ago I was at the lowest point in my life. I really didn’t have a means to escape what I was feeling and I didn’t really have a true outlet. Once I found my voice in writing, I decided to take this and try to make it a goal to have my voice be heard in the world.

I love to write Short Stories of Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy and Poetry about Love, Life & Emotions. I also write fan fiction stories of Kit Harington, Jon Snow & Game of Thrones characters and there actors from the hit TV Show. I’m also venturing out into writing Fan Fictions about my other favorite TV shows & Movies.

This blog is dedicated to the things that help me write. I have so many ideas and experiences that help me write my original short stories, poems, books or my fan fictions. I would sometimes look at an article on a website page, photos over the internet, listen to music, watch a movie or even read someone else’s writings/books and I’ll get inspired to write my own stories & experiences.

I hope this blog will help my readers get to know me a little bit better and what inspires my ideas and writings.

I hope to get to meet and speak to other writers/bloggers/artist and to the many friends and fans I’ve met while being on Tumblr, where I first started my writing! Thank you for following me in this long journey!



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I am a stay at home blogger & self- publish author. I love to write and blog about creative writing and things that interest or inspire my work. I'm also an artist and abstract illustrator. I also blog about family life and my experiences.

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