Places I’ve Been

I’ve been and lived in many different places. Really, I’ve been in two places. New York City and Orlando, Florida. But the path between both places I must say were a bit bumpy to say the least. I’ve always wanted to travel…but I never thought it would be this crazy.

My first place was my family’s house. New York City. Harlem to be exact. Although I don’t miss the hardship or loneliness of living in that apartment while as a teen in high school, I do miss the childhood of growing up and being in that area. I lived right next central park and I was a bit “walking distance” to the metropolitan museum of art… not really but I loved walking there during the spring/summer months. I miss my room and the vast collection of my band shirts, band posters, painting supplies and my collection of concert tickets. Although I left on a horrible note, I still miss the hardwood floors that lead into my room.

My next place I’ve been to is my husband’s house. He was my boyfriend at the time and he was living with his family. Honestly once I was dating him for only a month my patents decided it was time for me to move out and live with him. Luckily his parents didn’t mind (my mother in law always cooked for me) and honestly, I was going to bring up moving in with him but at a much later time. Like a year later…but it was becoming too much to live at my parents’ house but in so many ways I’m blessed that my mother did nag me out early. Living there has made me and my husband realize our future together and how we want to raise our family.

Our first apartment we had gave us that taste of freedom together. It was our first time in Orlando together and it was the first time we had the Freedom to do as we wish. My first son was born around that time and honestly it felt like a mini vacation. But we were still bound to our families which made it hard to keep that apartment. When we moved back in with family, everything kind of spun out of control which made us long to be back in our own place.

After having my first daughter and getting that grand opportunity, we decided to move out of our family’s house again and back to Orlando. This second time around was much sweeter. It was all on our own with no help with family. But this was also the hardest to bare when we had to pack up our stuff and leave to the shelter in New York City.

My places have been so limited, yet I feel like I’ve traveled the world. With many heartaches, losses, battles and tears; we could move back into an apartment again here in Florida. Honestly, because of these places I’ve been, its taught me to keep on fighting for what I love and for what I believe in… because of these places, I wouldn’t be the strong women I am today…

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I am a stay at home blogger & self- publish author. I love to write and blog about creative writing and things that interest or inspire my work. I'm also an artist and abstract illustrator. I also blog about family life and my experiences.

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