Red Shorts

“You know…those shorts look sexy on you”

I said to him as we got back to our hotel room. Kit gave me a genuine small smile. It was something that turned me on about him…along with always choosing the same article of clothing, even if we went on a luxurious trip.

“It would look better, if it was on the floor…”

That’s when his expression changed and he gave me a muddled look.

“Your shorts would look better if you threw it on the floor…”

His eyes gave me a lustful glance. My wondering wasn’t muffled. He knew what I was talking about and he didn’t try to answer me.

His answer was to pull down his red swim shorts and he revealed to me his stiff cock. He took his bright red swim shorts and through it to the floor.

” that’s much better” I said as I strode over to him and placed my warm hand over his member.

His dark blue shirt clung to his chest as I pulled him closer to me and I started to stroke his massive cock with my delicate finger tips.

The smell of his scent could send me over the edge, but it was his fingers over my clit that did the trick….

“Mmhmmmm” I moaned as I felt his ridged cock pulse in my hands and my nub pulsed over his thick and wet fingers.

I don’t know what came over me. I pushed his body on the bed and I started to work my mouth around him. Slow, delicate strokes of my heated mouth. I can feel each thrust hit at the back of my throat.

I could feel his pleasant pre-cum at the tip of my mouth. He turned me over, facing me over the hotel head board. His fingers were inside me and it felt so delicate and soft. He pumped two fingers in my soaking wet snatch that sent me on a high.

I don’t remember him spanking my ass and pushing me up against the head board. All I remember is his stiff cock pounding my wet snatch from behind, pulling my long hair as he told me I was a good slut for taking his cock. All I could remember was his red shorts on the floor and his hot cum squirting all over my ass…

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