Night Driving

night driving (2)

We didn’t know where we were going,

I watched him as his hands clenched the wheel,

From the corner of my eye I watched as the sea of trees flow past us,

The night air whisked through our vision,

He didn’t notice the small smile creeping on my face,

We said nothing as the humming of the car was the only sound to be heard,

We had no idea where we were going,

But honestly…I really didn’t care,

All I knew was…I wanted him here with me forever…


It was getting late. She let her feet glide her on the pavement floor. Mindy’s heels clicked as she looked out on the horizon. The seas of pinks, oranges and hint of blues glowed in the dense air. There were no signs of artificial life, except for the small birds and scattered creatures that went about.

Just as her black hair swayed in the early evening breeze, she heard a car roaring behind her. She looked passed her shoulder to see a smooth red convertible drive up to her side of a vast high way. The luxury car made a smooth complete stop as Mindy tried to look in to the driver’s seat. The tinted windows rolled to reveal a very tense but angelic like man with deep brown eyes and dark black curly hair that went slightly passed his shoulders.

“Excuse me ma’am?” The gentleman asked with his tight but thick English accent as he looked out his driver side window. Mindy fully turned her attention to the Stanger that drove next to her.

“Can I offer you a ride?” The handsome stranger asked. Can he offer me a ride? She asked herself as she deeply looked in to his umber eyes.

“Well…it depends on where your headed…” Mindy seductively and coyly asked as she hunched over the driver side of the car. Her leather black skirt risen a bit.

“Well I’m heading into the city if you want a lift?” Mindy can tell that the English stranger was eyeing her and her attention seeking outfit. Black leather high heel boots, matching mini skirt and white button down top that revealed a right amount of cleavage.

“That sounds fine to me” Mindy accepted as she went over the passenger side and let herself in. The fine young English gentleman drove off on the empty high way. Mindy watched from her passenger side of her window the trees whipping by and the soft easiness of the drive.

Mindy looked over at the inviting Stanger as she watched him clench the steering wheel and he put his foot slightly harder on the pedal. Mindy felt the braveness in her actions as she placed her delicate hands over his protected crotch. The young man’s brown eyes looked at her with a slight confusion and eagerness.

“Well, what’s your name darling?” He asked as he felt his member grow with each touch she was giving him.

“Name is Mindy…pleased to meet you…” Mindy giggled as she felt her strangers cock grow hard in his jeans and in between her hand.

“Name is Kit…” His English voice trailed off as he felt her hand unbuckle his belt.

“Well nice to meet you…” She said unzipping his pants and pulling out his already stiff cock.

“Kit” his name trailed off between her lips as she steadily went between the passenger seat and driver’s seat and took his rigid member and slicked it into her warm mouth.

The luxury car barley went to a stop before she could feel Kit’s strong hand brush in her hair and put her long locks in his hands so no strands would be in her way. Her head bobbed up and down on his long length and he listened as the slurping and gulping noises she was making.

Mindy was stopped midway by her actions to have Kit lift her face by her hair gently and started placing heated kisses on her lips and around her neck.

Kit pulled her body to the back seat of the car and started to lift her leather skirt to her full waist. He quickly noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt. He kissed her exposed tummy and fully lifted her top to expose her bare chest and nibble on her erect nipples. He kissed and lapped all the way down till he reached her mound. She screeched in pleasure as his tongue lapped and sucked over her sensitive bud.

He knew every curve of her body and her inner mound to know what would make her squirm and come for him.

“Fuck…Kit” she moaned loudly as Kit sucked and licked all around her sensitive clit and probed around her soaked pussy.

Mindy couldn’t catch a breath as she felt Kit’s toned body slither up to her and started to pelt into her soaked body profusely.

“Shit…fuck…” she cried as she felt every inch into her. He opened one of her legs wider so he could fully penetrate her and make her come for him.

“You feel that baby?” Kit asked his hitch hiker/real life wife as he felt her come for him.

“Fuck Kit! Ugh!” Kit felt her pulse and every contraction as his wife came all over his cock. It didn’t take long for him to thrust one last time on top of her and disperse his hot load into her.

They breathed heavily into each other as both married couple came down from there high. The black, blue sky started to hover over their vehicle as they laid each other arms in the back seat of their car.

“Well this was different…” Mindy confessed. Kit looked down on his half naked wife.

“Well you did say you wanted an evening away from the kids for Mother’s Day…” both couple gave a hearty giggle.

“Yes, but I was expecting a dinner date…not role playing!” Mindy excitedly said as she cuddled closer to her husband.

Yes, it was indeed Mother’s Day weekend and away from their kids. But her husband always gave the greatest gifts and luxurious surprises…


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