Talk to Me


“I don’t like you talking like this…”


“I don’t like you talking like this…” I said to you in a hush tone. I take a few steps back as you slowly walk closer to me. I felt my heart pound in my chest as I can feel your deep eyes taking off my clothes. You put your body up against mine and you pin me to the wall. Goosebumps starts to grow wherever your fingertips touch.

“You don’t want me telling you the truth?” You ask me, your deep voice resonating throughout the open air. I felt my body shiver as you stared planting kisses on my hot neck. My mouth was dry as I tried to speak.

“I don’t…know…I’m not use to this…” I said trying to hold on to any control that I had left.

“You’re not use to me talking dirty to you…” your voice is smooth and husky as you stared to gently nibble at my ear. From the sound of your voice and the feel of your hard on up against my leg, I can feel my wetness from my excitement soak my panties.

“Don’t you want to hear how much I want to stretch your pussy and fuck you really hard” I closed my eyes and let out a small moan. I can feel your grin up against my neck.

“You don’t like that?” You asked me in a whisper up against my ear. I lost all will power and started to move my hips in a circular motion.

“You dirty fucking slut… you know you love how the way I’m speaking to you…” the friction I was putting up against my clit felt so good I started to grind myself up against his warm and thick thigh.

“That’s it; make yourself feel good you fuck whore…” I kept my eyes closed as I felt every word you said go throughout my body.

“Please…don’t…” I didn’t want to hear those words, having them come out your beautiful mouth sound so filthy and arousing at the same time. I wanted to keep some part of myself left. But I can feel you consuming me with every word you speak.

“You’re my fucking good whore…my beautiful slut…I want to taste you…” you bit down on my neck and I felt the hard sting tingle over my heated neck. You lift my dress and yank down my soaked panties. You went down on your knees and you lifted my right leg over your broad shoulder. You start to flick and suck deeply at my aroused clit. You taste everything I had to offer you and I can feel my body breaking down from each flick and sucking.

“Oh, my god…please…not here…” we’re out in the open air, someone could easily stop by and catch us in our sinful act. I feel you stop your assault on my clit and you put two long and thick fingers inside me.

“I’ll take you were ever I want…you be a good little slut for me and let me eat this pussy” those words made me feel hot and guilty at the same time. Wet noises and my soft moans range out in the night air. I loved everything he was doing to me that I wanted him to keep me this way. The dirtiness I was feeling was making me gush into his warm and talented mouth.

“Fuck you taste so good…” you stared to lick around my pussy lips and pump two of your fingers into my tight snatch.

“You like that you little slut…?” I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please fuck me…” I sighed deeply. You looked up at me and gave me a satisfied grin.

“Say it again…” you said to me as you pumped your two fingers harder into me.

“Ask me to fuck your slutty pussy…go…ask baby…” I can feel my face flush with ecstasy and I wanted him right now.

“Please…Please fuck my slutty pussy…oh god please!” I was begging so hard I could feel a tear string down my face. You pulled your two fingers out of me and put them around my panting lips.

“Suck…” I took your two fingers into my mouth and stared to lick and taste my warm and salty juices.

“Bend over slut…” You turned me around and my face was pressed up against the cold stone wall and you pulled my hips back and lifted my flimsy dress. I felt you unbuckle your jeans and you pressed yourself firmly up against my bare ass and I can feel your hot breath up against my ear.

“You want my cock in your tight cunt?” I can feel the tip of your head near my entrance and I was ready to push myself back to meet your cock but you held my hips in place.

“Answer my question…” You said wrapping your hand around my neck and firmly but gently pulling me up off the wall.

“Yes…please…” My mind started turning to fog as I felt your head go inch by inch into me.

“Say you want my cock in your tight cunt…” I felt that urge to scream in the back of my throat.

“Please…put your cock in my tight cunt…” Just then I felt the deepest pressure that went inside me. I howled into the night air as he thrusted deep inside me. His grunting and beautiful sighs were turning me on that I started gushing all around him. He slowed down his deep thrust and moved my hair to the side and started to kiss my face and breathe in my ear.

“Fuck…I love you…” it was his voice again. I knew he couldn’t keep up that act for long before guilt settled into his system.

“Don’t you mean you love me my little cock whore…” the humor was there as you chuckled but I can tell the words you spoke to me before was nothing you ever done before.

“Sorry love…I just can’t…” I turn my gaze to your face and I gave you a small smile.

“Let’s just fuck then, and worry about what you said later” I don’t think I had to give you much permission than that. I kept your deep and lustful gaze as you thrusted harder and deeper into me. I held on to your arm and braced myself as you took me from behind. I felt myself tighten around you and I couldn’t hold your gaze much longer. As my orgasm was rippling through me, I felt you come deep inside me and you crashed your body up against mine as you tried to come down from your blissful high.

“Well…for the most part…” I started as I was trying to catch my breath.

“You did a good job talking dirty…” You gently turned me to face you and you planted a fierce but gentle kiss.

“You okay?” You ask me as you pull me closer to your arms.

“I’m okay sweetheart” I said looking up at my beautiful husband. I lend closer to him and gently kissed his ear and whispered.

“I want you to talk to me like that more often…”



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