My Haven

You wrap me in your arms as I lay still in our bed,

Everything around me is cold and haunting, but your arms are strong and safe,

I close my eyes and listen to your heart beat up against my back,

It’s so soothing, rhythmic and cool I forget why I was afraid,

I forgot why I was so sad,

I feel your soft kisses on my neck,

It’s almost sending me back into a dream state,

Your hair is now tickling my face as you lay me on my back,

You send me waves of emotions as you passionately kiss me,

My hands are dancing and roaming in your hair as you explore my mouth,

Our moans become a soft symphony only we can enjoy,

Your warm hands caress my body as you press up against me,

This is my heaven; my bliss that I wish to never let go,

This bedroom…your deep eyes…your supple lips…your strong embrace…your essence; is my true haven…



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I am a stay at home blogger & self- publish author. I love to write and blog about creative writing and things that interest or inspire my work. I'm also an artist and abstract illustrator. I also blog about family life and my experiences.

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