Lucid Dreaming: My Jon Snow Dream


A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

It starts off with darkness. Nothing but the deep blackness and the feelings of my surroundings. I know where I am. I’m in my bed; my head is on my pillow. My eyes are closed and that darkness is all my vision could see. I wait; waiting isn’t so easy for me. I hear the atmosphere in my room and I can feel myself burrow in my blanket and bed. Then I can just feel the sleep taking over. It starts off dark; blackness. Then it starts to bleed a dark hue of blue. It’s almost like I’m swimming in a sea of shadowy colors. The blues where transcending into cloudy whites and grays.

My brain starts to paint an explicit setting for me. I’m standing in a middle of the forest. Its white scenery captures my vision. I see tall trees and its branches covered in thick white snow. The thick branches where covering the grey and white sky. A twinkle of snow was falling, touching my face very softly. I can feel the snow and ice crunching around my feet. I start to walk. I look over to the side and see a small cold stream of water traveling in a steady pace. Ice was covered on the sides of the stream. It had such a soothing sound, the waters soft tone gave the scenery more depth. Then I feel something behind me. I turn around slowly to be startled by what was in front of me.

I’ve never seen you in my dreams before. I’ve only dreamed of the actor that plays you but never you. I step very slowly towards you. You don’t move or make a sound. I was taken aback by your presence. Your enduring look in truth frightens me but I still walk towards you. I’m near you now and I drink in your company. Your hair is black; giving a beautiful contrast to the snowy setting. Your black Nights Watch uniform is covered in light snow, your face was firm and your dark brown eyes stared at me in wonder. I can clearly see your scares on your face. It was faint but it was very visible as I walked up closer to you. I wasn’t cold as I stood in front of you. I didn’t know what to say, I just stared into your dark brown eyes. Then your first words to me caught my breath.

“Come with me.”

You expressed in your strong northern accent.

You extended your black gloved hand to me. I looked at it with hesitation. I took my small hand and placed it in your large one. We walk slowly deeper into the forest. The snow was crunched beneath our feet. Our walk was silent but it was relaxing. I tried looking forward as we strolled on but I couldn’t let my eyes off you. I felt a sense of calm and peace. I didn’t feel any danger or feeling that I needed to stop this and run away from you. Your gloved hand was tender and warm to the touch. You looked over your shoulder at me. I can feel your brunet brown eyes staring at me. You stopped abruptly and turn to face me. I’m so small compared to you. You’re like a giant that is hovering over me. You place your hands over my face and you bring me into a gentle and warm kiss. Your lips were so amiable and full; you slowly open your mouth and we easily slipped our tongues into each other’s warm embrace as we both moaned in a single harmony. The snow was still faintly falling but there was no wind blowing. Your kiss was so tender and right I just wanted to melt into you. Your taste was icy and vibrant. I pulled you in closer to me; I wanted every inch of you, I wanted your brave and solid essence. I start to feel this going straight to our bodies. We broke from our embrace and steadily caught our breath. The shadowy mist of our breath engulfed my vision.


“I don’t want to leave Jon, I don’t want to wake up” I expressed to you in a small tone.

I felt my body crumble into your arms. The feeling of you was making me feel so vulnerable that I almost wanted to cry. I felt safe in your arms and I wanted to stay forever. I buried my face in your chest and the leather and earth took over my senses. You took me from your arms and you looked at me straight into my eyes. There was silence as you looked at me. The once stern look is now soft and compassionate.  You took your warm gloved hands and placed it on my cheeks. You rubbed your thumb up and down over my cold face. Then you said the words I didn’t want to hear.

“Wake up…”

I felt my body fall. The once white settings fell back into a sea of blues and blacks. I felt darkness surround me. I can feel my self-laying in my bed. I can’t hear your northern voice…I can’t see your brown eyes. I slowly open my eyes and looked around the room. I can still feel the falling snow; I can still feel your silky lips and heavy arms surrounding my body. I didn’t want to leave but I hope to see you again…Jon Snow…Lord Commander of the Nights Watch…

In my lucid dreams…

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