Lucid Dreaming: My Jon Snow Dream-Part 2



A LUCID DREAM is a DREAM during which the dreamer is aware of DREAMING. During LUCID DREAMING, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the DREAM characters, narrative, and environment.

I can feel the darkness creeping around me. Sleep was very heavy this day and it didn’t take me long to drift off. I felt like I was floating. My body felt like it was in midair and gravity was no such thing. I heavily opened my eyes to find that I was in the same room. I sat up from my bed and looked around my surroundings. ‘Did I fall asleep?’ Everything was still the same.

I got up out of my bed and walked over to my dining table. My laptop and notepad was neatly placed where I left it but there was such an eerily silence that it started to scare me. That is when I heard something fettling with the entrance door. ‘Was it locked?’ I asked myself as I started to panic. I was sure that I locked it earlier in the night. Then with an intense bang, the door flew open; bringing in a bright light into the cramp apartment.

Fear was all about my body as I looked on at the intruder. He was tall but his face and body was blurry; it was almost like he was a shadowy figure with no face to recognize. Without thinking I bolted straight to the small bathroom that was off the small hallway. The intruder ran straight behind me as I almost fell into the bathroom and slammed the door behind me and locked it.

“Open the fucking door!” the intruder yelled on the other side of the door. He collided and jolted the door as hard as he could. My heart was pounding in my chest. I can hear it in my ears as I started to sob.

“Go away!” I yelled. My voice was so harsh and dry from the fear I started to choke. I held on to the locked door knob and slumped to the floor. I had nowhere else to run and the bathroom has always been my haven for escape. ‘What is going on?’ I pondered in my lucid panic. Just then I heard a loud metal sound. It was a clanking noise that sounded more like a steal sword.

“What the…” I heard the intruder mutter. Just then that same metal sound that I heard pierced threw the bathroom door with blood stains dripping from it. I screamed the moment I saw the sharp sword go through the door. I let go of the handle of the door and backed up against the porcelain tub. I started to sob from pure terror. The blade disappeared into the other side of the door.

Once gone, it left a large hole and a soft bright light shined threw. ‘Oh my god…What was happening?’ I contemplated to myself. I got up slowly and walked over to the beaten door. I unlocked it and opened the door very slowly. I no longer was peering into my stuffed apartment; I was peering into an open, snowy forest.

I poked my head out and looked around the open space. It wasn’t snowing this time from my last dream but the ground was covered in think blankets of snow. There was no one in sight as I stepped out into the snowy field. I didn’t even notice the intruder around. I hurriedly walked out into the wide space of the forest. I was cold this time and was still shaken by the earlier events that transpired. I started walking forward towards an opening of the forest. I felt my body grow numb and freezing. Just then I heard a soft but gruff voice.

“Are you okay?” I turned around quickly to find him standing there tall and strong. I was still scared but seeing Jon in front of me started to ease my fears away. He was not wearing his black fur cloak but he was wearing his black leather uniform that looked very much patted threw the front. But then I also noticed what he had in his hand. It was his sword “Longclaw”. He was holding it tightly in his right hand. The horror from earlier events started coming back to me.  He started to move forward towards me but I hesitantly stepped back from him. Jon seemed hurt by this gesture and looked at me with a sort of compassion that I haven’t seen before.

“You know I will never hurt you…” he swore in such a soft tone with his northern accent and it was in a convincing way that I did believe him. But I was still scared and him holding Longclaw did not help any. It still had the strangers blood on the blade and it was starting to dry.

“Please…put that down…” I pled with a shaky voice. Without questioning it, he put the sword down on the white snowy ground and looked at me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He saved my life and I didn’t know how to thank him for that. Honestly, he has saved my life more than once. Through all these life experiences that I’m going through now; Jon seems to be the savior and inspiration I needed to move on. Even when I think I can’t go on. He started to walk towards me and he placed his arms around me. I was still cold and felt the freezing snow on my bare feet.

“Come, let’s get you warm”. We slowly started to walk. Again, I try keeping my eyes forward on where we were going, but his secured presence always keeps me looking back at him.

“Where are we going?” I asked softly. He looked down at me, I felt so intimidated by his intense stare but I wasn’t frightened by him. I knew he would protect me.

“Some place where no one will ever hurt you again”. Somehow, I believed him then and I let him guide me to that soft haven. No matter where it is, at least he will be next to me…


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