Surface of the Window

Its dark out. I clench my hands over the steering wheel as I drive down the narrow street. The air is starting to cool as the sun starts to disappear. There is minimal noise, savor for the distant cars driving by me. The street lights give everything a glow, while the stars in the sky start to peak out. I concentrate on all my surroundings as I cruise through the streets.

Everything is soothing and quite outside. There is nothing to chaotic about this night as I try to head home from an exhausting day. I pass the oncoming street lights and I see my house just a few feet away. I pull in to my relatively quiet complex and start to park my car.

I hear people talking loudly as I start to turn off my car and exit out. They are also parking their cars and they are having a loud conversation. It’s nothing new with my neighbors having such loud conversations outside their cars and making such a commotion. The night was young and quiet as I head up the steps to my apartment. Summer is defiantly approaching. That’s what people do during the summer months; They all start to hang outside their cars and express their true excitement in the summer air. I personally long for my room and a hot shower. Such an excruciating day just turned me off from hanging out with anyone.

I walked into the darken apartment and turned on my lights. I close my window shades as I wanted that extra privacy. I went into my room and still feeling exhausted, hurriedly took off my clothes. I took out my candles and lit them up. I placed a few around my room so I can have the room with a soft scented aroma. I walked in to the on-suite bathroom and headed for the showers. I let the hot sprays wash away my trying day.

After I got out of the relaxing pamper of my shower, I motioned my body and styled my soaked hair to let it air dry. I put on my silk night gown and I start to sit at my writing desk and started to write. After a few moments of writing out my day, I walked into my kitchen and I start to pour myself a glass of wine. Yes, I really needed this breather.

I really do miss these nights…just being able to relax and unwind from the day. I know my days get hectic where I neglect myself but I really need these night where I can just relax. Just as I was turning down the rest of my lights and heading back to my room, I looked outside my window and found you standing there. I stopped mid in my tracks as I was holding my cold glass of red wine. You must of came home around the same time as me. I noticed you started to take off your jacket and you placed your belongings somewhere inside your apartment. I really shouldn’t be staring at you like this, but I’ve always found you fascinating ever since I moved into this apartment. I watched you as you looked as much beaten and worn out as I am. I watched you as you disappeared into the next room. I took a sip of my wine and I took a seat right next to my window bench.

I knew you would come back.  I waited patiently for a couple of minutes as I took another swig of my wine. Your dark silhouette came back into view and I looked on as you went into your kitchen. You had a beer in your hand as you rubbed your temple and massaged your eyes and brow. What happened to you that you looked so stressed? You stopped in your tracks and that’s when your deep eyes looked up from your window into mine. I didn’t move away or flinch from my spot. I gave you a small smile. I took another sip from my wine.

I guess I will be visiting you again instead of enjoying my night off alone…

To Be Continued…


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I am a stay at home blogger & self- publish author. I love to write and blog about creative writing and things that interest or inspire my work. I'm also an artist and abstract illustrator. I also blog about family life and my experiences.

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