Frost Passion

You beckon me to come to you…so late in the night…so I decided to listen to you…my king in the north…


I walked up the spiral steps going towards your room. I held a small candle stick over a small bronze taper. My heart raced as I reached your door. I held a small key in my other hand tightly toward my chest. My off white night dress flowed up the steps as I twist the small key into the lock of your door. My hands were shaking as I opened the door slowly.

I looked around the room to see your fireplace burning bright and the room was dimly lit with votive candles. I didn’t see the sight of you until you gripped my wrist from the side and brought me into your arms.

“Jon!” I yelped in surprise as you pulled me into your arms. For the first time in a short span since I have known you, you gave me a small grin. I carefully placed my candle stick down over a wooden mantle and I wrapped my arms around your neck. Your grey night shirt clung to your chest as I planted a deep kiss to your warm lips.

You picked me up into your strong arms and you started to carry me to your fur bed. I look down at you in surprise from your swift gesture. No…this isn’t the Jon Snow I’ve grown to admire over the months. The man that helped my people; the wildlings escape the white walkers and I fought beside you to take back your home.This man who just tossed me ever firmly to your bed was a different man tonight. A man of hunger and desire that I knew you needed…after everyone declared you The King of the North.

“The door your grace!” I protested as you started to take off your shirt over me. You got up from atop of me and went to close the door. I lifted my self up half way to watch you walk back to me. “You know not to call me that…” You said to me with such deep sternness. Your deep wounds over your torso were very visible to me. Every time I see those wounds I start to feel the ever so dread and sadness seep in. But all that went away when you dropped yourself on top of me.

“Sorry Jon…I will not say that again…”

Before any other words escaped my lips, I felt your mouth pressed so firmly against mine that I forgot to breath. My head smothered into the pillows as your weight became solid against my body. I breathed in a solid breath as you eagerly started to kiss my heated neck.

“Jon…” I breathed deeply as your hands start to roam over my thin night gown. You start to untie my dress whiched clung to my heated body. In one sweep breath you kissed me again as my dress startes to slowly slid from my body and down to my ankles and feet. You held my face firmly in one hand as you gave me soft kisses and you used your other hand to slowly unbotton and bring down your trousers.

The coolness of the room ignited my body as your fingers dragged along my pelvis and my upper thighs. I start to moan and toss my arms over your neck, I want to pull you into me. My own personal King…

The rest of our garments get lost in our heat of passion. Every hands and kisses were planted in such a frantic desperation. I reached over my side for the fur blanket. The coldness was to much to bear. Even with the fire place burning and the strong candle lights surrounding us. I pull it over our waist as I fully open my legs towards you.

I let out a sharp gasp as you let out a deep northern grunt. You bury into my body, we both groan loudly as your hard plunge was so deep and so stronge. The heat of your breath on my neck sends me chills as you started to get into a rythem.

“Oh, Jon” I breathed into your neck. You placed your hot forhead against mine, our lips and tongues start to lock tight toward each other in such a passionet embrace. Our hands start to find each othet in between the blankets. We grip ever so tightly that our hands start to feel numb and become one another. Your northern voice whispers my name in the deep frosted silence.  You bury into my body so deep that I started to hear my own excitement in between our hot blanket.

I squeeze my eyes tightly as I felt my groin and thighs shake and undo itself in pleasure. I knew all the tall tales of you releasing into me as you bury your face into my neck.I felt every warmth of your seman spill into me as I tightly wrapped my legs around your strong hips.

Our breaths became one as we tried to look into each other’s eyes. I know for a long shot this war isn’t over. But even if this just last for a shot while. I want to bask in this frosted passion with you…my king in the north…



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I am a stay at home blogger & self- publish author. I love to write and blog about creative writing and things that interest or inspire my work. I'm also an artist and abstract illustrator. I also blog about family life and my experiences.

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