Surface of the Window: Part 2


Part 1

Writer’s Note: I’m not sure where this original story is going but bare with me if it doesn’t make any sense as this helps me with my writer’s block and not having office word anymore. But I thank everyone for reading and responding to my writing! It means a lot!

Part 2
I walked up to your room and did a small rapping at your door. The ridged wood touched my knuckles as I waited for your reply. The small silence made me nerves but the cup of my rose wine helped me relax.

Your door started to unlock and thats when my heart started to hitch. I looked on as I saw your face peaked through the door. Your soft eyes scanned my body as you opened the door further.

“Good evening love” you greeted me. Your voice was soothing but deep. I blushed at the sound of your voice and the look that you were giving me. You stepped aside and I let myself in. The room was dimly lit, except for the light that was by the night stand.

“I see you are up late again?” Your profound voice turned my attention to you. You are much thicker in person then you are looking at you through my window.

“I just came home from work” I answered you.

“You drove back?” You asked me as you went to your night stand to pick up a cigarette and lighter.

“Yea, traffic wasn’t bad today” I lightly explained as I took another swig of my wine. I made myself comfortable on your recliner chair and watched you light up your smoke. Yes, I noticed we both started to endulge on our vices. Yours was your smoke, while mines was my rose wine.

“Seems like you had a stressed out day” You said to me as you took a drag out your cigarette.

“Oh, how do you figure?” I was intrigued by your statement.

“You have a nice tall glass of wine in your hand…hence why you had a stressful day” I started to giggle at your statement.

“Yea…it was a day” I said.

“You look like you had a wonderful time yourself” I chatted as I took another sip of my wine. Your smile was so bold and intense that my heart dropped down to my intoxicated stomach.

“A day it has been…” Your voice trailed off as you took another drag from your smoke. I took one last sip from my wine and I set my glass on the near by table. You watched my every move as I sat up from my seat and I started walking towards you.

I watched as you put out your smoke and I can smell the lingering smokearoma in the air. I softly grabbed your hand and I let it settle into mine. Your face was solid but gentle as you looked at me. I can tell you wanted this. The heat from your body said so as I pressed myself up against you.

“So…” I stated as I let myself push up against your chest and I let my hand travel to your growing member. Where by your window and you left the curtains open and the breeze of the window felt great upagainst my body.

“I can help you…unleash any stress you might have” my voice was husky but low as I started to plant small kisses around your neck. I didn’t brace myself as you took hold of my face and gave me a solid but aggressive embrace.

My mind went numb as your tongue slipped into my mouth and your arms gripped me tight around my waist. I didn’t get a chance to tease you or prep you as you start to peel off my clothes.

The feel of your delicate finger tips slipping off my panties made me feel so wet that I wanted more of you. You capture my bottom lip with your full one’s that I almost lost my breath. You picked me up by your arms and you led me into your bed. I moaned into your lips as you pinned me to your bed and you spread my legs open with you knee. You lift your self off of me and you start to strip your article of clothing one by one.

I start to feel myself growing wet and excited for you. I needed you and just watching you undress yourself is more then I anticipated what this night might bringme Your hair was lose as you started to bruise my lips from your kiss again. I grunted in pleasure as I felt your manhood eased into me. You filled me so well that each thrust captured my breath.

I know this night was supposed to be different for me. A time to myself and away from the world that I serve on a daily bases.

But having you deep inside me was something I didn’t know I needed and something that I craved. I sighed in pleasure as I felt you took my hands and pinned them over my head. I wrapped my legs over your waist as your momentum started to spead and I was on the edge of coming.

“Oh Fuck!” I screamed in pleasure as I gushed all over your cock and my orgasm started to take hold of my body. The alcohol was still in my system and the nicotine smoke was still lingering in the air as you came deep inside me with a deep pressure and a loud and solid grunt.

Yes, I looked through the surface of my window to try and get that relief…that fresh air that I long for all day… but peering into your window and seeing you, I knew I was going to get more then what I asked for and I’m glad I did…

To Be Continued

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