Take Me Away: Chapter 7 (Part 2: Passion)

Authors Note: I finally concurred my writers block…hopefully this makes up the lake of writing!

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Take Me Away: Sensual

Take Me Away: Chapter 7 (Part 1: Sensual)

Take Me Away: Passion

It was almost time. Samuel knew he couldn’t stay at the Inferno for long. It wouldn’t be long before the sheriff in the next town over would find him. He took the last sip of his whiskey and got up from the heavy traffic bar and headed up to towards his companion, who was waiting for him in his room.

His heart twinged a bit as he tried to think about what to say to Claire and his quick departure. He loved her. Yes, its only been a few days of there romantic bliss but he knew in his heart that he loved her. There was nothing that he would ever want to do was to be close to her and stay in her arms till the sun rises.

Samuel made his way up the sprial steps as the laughter and comotion around him started to highten. The tavern was filled with smoke and sex but this didn’t stop him from wanting to spend his last moments with the woman that he finally truly cares about.

His heart started to pang as he made it towards his room. He slowly opened the door. He steadily watched as Claire was laying down on the bed, she was parchly naked with only her thin underskirt on and her white sheet covering her upper body.

“We’ll your back” she seductively said as she sat herself up on the bed. Samuel watched as her satin sheet feel off her torso and exposed her bare chest. He could do nothing but quickly close the door and watch as she started to adjust herself on his bed. Her skin glowed in the dimly lit room. Everything about Claire up to this point to Samuel seem wild and perfect. Her hair, her deep green eyes and her parched fair skin.

He knew he had to tell Claire about his departure. This idea made him heartbroken and only wanted to make him stay with her even more.

Claire slowly slid herself off of the bed and she started to crawl herself slowly towards Samuel. His dark brown eyes watched her as her semi naked body came close to him and her dark green eyes were filled with lust.

He needed to tell her right away of his departure. But her seductive eyes said something different for him to say to her. She came off of the plush unmade bed swiftly. She started to unbuckle his trousers and slowly let them fall to the floor. Yes, he needed to slow things down so he can explain to her of his leaving.

But once his pants hit his ankles, Claire’s tongue was wrapped around the head of his semi hard cock. Samuel’s moans and sighs of pleasure made Claire feel soaked as she looked up into his eyes. She started to gag and licked up his shaft as her saliva dripped down her chin.

This was to much for Samuel to bare as he picked her up from her knees and laid her down on his bed. Her thigh highs already exposed her sex and her sex was hiked high to her toned body as he kissed and licked her swollen clit. She sobbed in bliss and moved her hips in place as she felt her lover inter two of his ridged but delicate fingers inside her snatch. The smoothness of his fingers and the delicate tongue around her clit made her squirm and squeek in pleasure.

Claire desided to take charge and place Samuel on his back on the bed and climb on top of him. She knew she had to take it steady and and slow as his thick cock was roughnand tense. Slowly she stradled her hips and slowly she eased herself on his cock.

This didn’t stop Samuel from grabbing her body and brining her to him. If this was his last night with her, then he needed to feel every inch of his solid cock. He put her to her side and pounded her feirsly. She gushed in pleasure as she came all over his cock. His words to her was so basic, yet so powerful.


‘Your so tight!’

‘Hmmm fuck!’

‘I love you!’

Yes, his southern drawl was so thick but so beautiful that once she heard the ‘I love you’ spread from his lips, her orgasm hit her like a tone of bricks.

She came so hard that she screamed “Sam!” In the thick air. He tried holding out but he knew he couldn’t last long inside her. He groaned and moaned “fuck, ugh!” In pleasure as he spoke in Claire’s ears in pleasure he came deep inside of her one more time that night.

Claire felt that sense of relief as Samuel’s release flowed inside her body. It was only a few hours since there last love making.

But once Samuel slumped down next to Claire’s body and all she could smell was the hard whiskey, sex and cigarettes off his body. She knew that was all she needed to lull herself off to sleep that night…


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