Sheila walked into her office with a casual stride. The day was dragging on and all she wanted to do was end her day and drink her wine at home. Her white button down blouse clung to her humid and busty chest and her jet black pencil skirt created such a silhouette to her hips that it made them look full and heavy.

She placed her office papers down on her wooded computer table and started to shift through the work load. Just as she was putting everything in order, she heard a soft but firm knock at her door.

“Come in” She answered not looking behind her. She didn’t have to turn around as she knew who it was by the lingering scent that was in the air.

“Hello beautiful” the thick English accent greeted himself as he walked into the room. Sheila had a small smile creep across her face as she felt her guest creep his arms around her waist.

“Hello to you to Kit” The feel of his arms wrapped around her waist felt so genuine that it made Sheila feel right at home, where she really wanted to be.

“What are you up to?” Kit asked while he started to kiss her neck.

“I’m trying to get work done” Sheila answered playfully as she tried to detach herself from Kits arms and try to finish off her remaining work. He could only do nothing but chuckle¬† and watch her as she tried to move over to the other side of her work desk. Kit was always such a distraction when ever she tried to work in her office. His deep brown eyes, his long dark curly hair and the suits he wears to work just drives her insane in the most lustful way.

It seems this day he wore just his white button down shirt, black slacks and a thin black tie. His hair was slicked back which made his hair looked shorter then it actually was.

Sheila tried her damn hardest to re-organize her papers in front of her, but Kit placed his hand right in-front of the papers she was organizing. She looked up at her handsome co-worker, a devilish glint was in his eyes and she knew he was up to no good.

“Yes Kit” she cooed in amusement as Kit made his way towards where she was standing. He didn’t give any warning or any indication of his actions once he tugged her briskly up against her office wall and started to heatedly kiss her ample lips. There tongues collide in such a passionate embrace that Sheila almost forgot to breath.

Kit pinned her to the cold stone wall with his leg and thigh and held her in place with his hands over her hips. Kit slowly and gingerly hiked up her black pencil skirt over her thighs and slowly searched for her mound.

“Hmmm…” Sheila moaned in pleasure as she felt Kit’s thick but delicate fingers brush over her already soaked entrance. Kit softly kissed her lips and traveled over her flushed cheek and collar bone.

“Oh Kit” she softly moaned and took a deep breath as she felt Kit’s fingers reached into her thong panties and gingerly brush over her soaked clit. He put just enough pressure for her to feel and he covered her explosive moans with his full capturing lips.

Just as she was nearing her end. Kit stopped abruptly and removed his hand from her soaked panties and let go of her flushed lips.

“What are you doing?” Sheila asked out of breath. Kit backed away from her and started to adjust himself.

“Just wanted to see what you were up to” Kit mischievously said as he was ready to walk out the door.

“Oh my god!” Sheila explained in shock as she adjusted her skirt and felt the wet coolness of her own essence.

“You are such a tease!” She blurted out in agitation and amusment. Kit slyly turned back to his co-worker/soon-to-be-wife.

“No darling, I’m just flirting with you.”

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