Show Me

“So are you going to show me?” Vincent asked as he took a drag of his cigarette. He stood by the end of the bar’s ally way. His black skin tight jeans clung to his legs as his dark eyes peered to the women in front of him. His short cut of hair slightly breezed through the summer air. Cate looked on at her new found friend in confusion from his question.

“What do you mean show you?” Cate’s voice was gentle but it had a hint of mischievousness. Vincent started to grin and let his cigarette burn out.

“I think you know what you should show me.” His voice trailed off as he came close to her. Her soft jet black hair swayed against the wind. Her bright green eyes gave the delicate strange man a look as he placed himself in front of her.

“No I really don’t know what you want me to show you” Cate said in such a low volume that only the two of them can hear in the dark wet ally.

Can three hours of talking to a stranger in a dim bar warrant for such closeness or such presences. With each touch that Vincent was giving her, it sent her a title wave of emotions. She could stop this, but the sound of his breathing and the smell of his cologne made her legs fragile and her throbbing mound soaked.

He took a gentle hold of her face and placed a soft kiss on her delicate lips. The sound of her low moans made his cock stir in his tight jeans.  Cate’s hands roamed through Vincent’s shirt and under to expose his toned stomach. He heavily pulled away from the heated kiss.

“Show me your essences…” he trailed off as he started to embrace her neck and collar bone. For some reason she knew what he ment without even asking. She slowly started to lift up her black tight skirt. There was no panties to hide her soaked clit, that’s when Vincent pressed his body against hers and started to grind his hips to her pelvis. His hard on was so evident and strong that it made Cate gasp with each movement.

She heard his zipper become undone. She felt the heat of his lower body start to come near her. She let out a low and feeble cry into the dark night air as he put himself inside her. Up against the cold brick wall, he thrusted into her like it was the last thing he would ever experiance. Her strong legs wrapped around his waist as he held her up by her ass cheeks. The friction of his cock inside her made her frail and excited as she started to gush over his erect memember.

“Yes…fuck!” She moaned loudly into his ear as she came hard on his ridged cock. The contractions of her walls made Vincent go over the edge and he came deep inside her. There breathing was stable. The noises of the on coming traffic in the distance and the loudness of the people in the bar were the only sounds that Cate could concentrate on.

“Thank you” Vincent finally breathed into Cates ear. Cate looked over with groggy druken eyes.

“For what?” She quietly asked in the pitched black night.

“For showing me your essences and more…”

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I am a stay at home blogger & self- publish author. I love to write and blog about creative writing and things that interest or inspire my work. I'm also an artist and abstract illustrator. I also blog about family life and my experiences.

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