Take Me Away: Chapter 8

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Take Me Away: Sensual

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Take Me Away: Chapter 7 (Part 2: Passion)

“So that’s it then?” Claire asked as she paced back and forth in her place and stairing at her cowboy lover.

The day was bright with the sun shinning in the room brining in warmth. But the room was stiff and uncomfortable as Samuel try to get the remainder of his things ready. He didn’t want to leave her. But he knew he had to. It would be any day now before that sheriff would show up in this saloon looking for him. And the one thing Samuel didn’t want to do was put Claire in any type of danger.

He didn’t care about the rest of the people in the building. But he grew fond of Claire over the past couple of days and he would do anything to stay in this room, in her arms and hold her.

“I’m sorry darlin, but I have to” Samuel spoke softly as he tried to gather all his things. He looked at her with and saw the misary in her eyes, which made Samuel’s heart break down. He’s seen that look before…in his mother’s eyes when ever his father abused her. It was the look of tragic and lost that Samuel didn’t ever want to see again in a women’s eyes.

“Where will you go?” Claire asked, her voice becoming low. Her eyes weren’t on him anymore but on the wooded ground and she was trying her hardest not to break in front of him.

“I don’t know…some where they can’t find me” Samuel answered as he took his gun belt and wrapped it around his thin waist. He watched as Claire stood stiff in her spot and her eyes zoned out. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t leave her like this. There nights and even mornings were filled with bliss and he couldn’t just walk away from that.

“Start packing” Samuel’s deep southern drawl snapped her out of her trance and she looked at him with bewilderment.


“Get somethin to pack your things in…we need to start riding in an hour…” He said in one short breath. Claire’s heart started to hammer in her chest. ‘What does he mean by this?’ ‘Is he really taking me?’

Claire’s tears started to flow to her cheeks with out any type of noise or cry.

“I can’t…you know I can’t…” Claire stated as she try to not break. But nothing she did was working. She was on a brink of a panic attack. Samuel stepped over from his side of the room and placed himselfin front of Claire. He took his ridged but steady hands on her arms and tried to ground her as much as possible.

“Claire look at me” Her eyes turned deadly red as she tried to fight back tears and she looked at the man who she knew she was in love with.

“Your comin with me…I’ll kill who ever I need to kill to get you out of here” Samuel declared in a strong and sharp tone.

“I’m getting you outta here…you desrve a better life then this love…you deserve to be free…” Claire let every feeling and every emotion flow through her body and she broke down in tears. Samuel wrapped his arms around Claire’s trembling body he let her sob in his hard chest.

“It’s okay darlin…” Samuel soothingly said as he started to stroke her jet black long hair and they both placed themselves sitting on the woiden floor.

“We’ll find a way to get out of this state and head to one that’s being developed…we’ll be free from this hell…I promise ya that darlin…”

Claire let all his words sink in and she couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around his words. Since she’s stepped foot in this saloon, all she has ever felt was sorrow and hurt. But looking into Samuels deep brown eyes, she knew he would keep her safe.

“I need to get up now and start packin…can you do that for me darlin?” He asked as he pulled himself and Claire off the floor. Claire nooded her head yes through her tears as she tried to compose herself. This is when Samuel brought her in for a impactful embrace. His lips parted hers and all she could do was accept his deep kiss. They heatedly seprated from each other and that’s when Samuel took hold of Claire’s flushed face.

“Start packin quick…we leave in one hour”

That’s when Claire bolted for one of her bags and started looking through her drawers. She put in as much clothing and as much belongings as she can in her bag.

Just as she started putting her undergarments in her bag, she knew she needed to get the rest of her money from this week’s earnings. Claire wrapped her hair in a tight ponytail and she put on her black shawl.

“Where you going?” Samuel asked as he watched his lover head to the door.

” We can’t leave here without money…” Claire answered.

“But the gold…” Samuel started but she cut him off quickly.

“Won’t last that long…I have 50 owed to me and I have about 200 hundred in that dresser drawer…It will only be short, get everything down to your horse and I’ll be there shortly…”

With just that one statement Claire was out that door in just a few seconds before Samuel can protest.  She needed the rest of that money…she knew what her alibi would be to Frank…and as soon as she got the rest of her money…she knew she would be free from this hell.

Just as she headed downstairs to go to the busy bar, Claire stopped dead in her tracks as she watched three suspicious men talking to Frank at the bar. She knew from where she was standing that one of the men bore a Sheriffs bagged. That’s when Claire started to panic…

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