Mid Summer Recap


So I’ve been trying really hard and keep up with writing reviews on the movies and TV shows I’ve watched. So far everything I’ve seen has been pretty good. I’m eagerly waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones (I can’t wait any longer!) But in my summer wait, I have seen some pretty good movies & TV shows and some I wish to erase from my memory…


I and my husband early last month decided to binge watch Stranger Things and I’m still trying to figure out how I missed this show! I’m definitely going to be tuned in to watch the second season once it airs in October!


I just started watching The Mist: TV series. Although I’m only one episode in, I find the characters to be too stereotypical. I mean, I’ll catch the second episode just to see if it picks up but already I’m getting an (okay next) vibe.

I had the pleasure of watching both “King Author: Legend of the Sword” & “Alien: Covenant”. One movie I’ve been waiting all year to see (Alien: Covenant), while the other I wasn’t too big on seeing (King Author). I have to sadly admit that the movie I was waiting all summer to see was very disappointing while the movie I didn’t care for I extremely loved. Yes, I know…shocking! I hate where Ridley Scott is going with the Alien franchise…like George Lucas with Star Wars he needs to take a back seat for a bit and let someone else tell the story…

King Author shocked me on being a very entertaining movie. I developed a new crush on Charlie Hunnam and I’m sorry…I can’t hear Aidan Gillen’s voice without hearing Peytr Baelish from Game of Thrones lol.

Finally seen Wonder Women and my god it was amazing! I just hope from this day forward DC follows this formula of movie making and creating their characters like this because if they keep this up like wonder women, then I can see Marvel having a competition.

Every Monday I try to write some movie review I have seen or a TV show I am currently watching. Definitely, stay tuned for my Game of Thrones recap this season! Plus I’m trying to read more so hopefully every once in awhile I’ll be able to throw in a book review too!

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