Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Review

***Spoilers If You Haven’t Seen The Episode Yet***

Last nights episode was truly my favorite so far this season and we’re only on episode 2! There was so much going on last night that it was hard to choose only one thing as my favorite. Everything about this episode was exciting and the last 10 minutes of this episode had me on the edge of my seat! Here are my top favorite moments of this episode:

Possible Jon and Daenerys Meeting

I’ve been waiting for this meeting for such a long time! I’ve only started watching this show back in 2014 but even since then, I’ve always imagined these two characters meeting and now I’m finally getting to see them on the screen! Plus I really adore Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington so I would LOVE to see their chemistry on the screen as well.

Greyworm & Missandei Love Scene
Speaking of chemistry, the actors of Greyworm and Missandei gave such a beautiful and emotional performance. There was nothing raunchy or uncomfortable about this scene. Both characters through out the series have always had feelings for each and this scene was pretty much the climax for their love. Plus I feel like Greyworm took a page out of Jon Snow’s book…wink

Arya Meeting Nymira
This scene really took my heart and smashed it to pieces. The reunion of Arya and Nymira was bitter sweet but I was happy to see that Nymira grew big and strong and that she has her own pack to protect.

The Battle of Greyjoys
This happens 10 minutes before the episode closed and my goodness was this an edge of your seat battle. I didn’t care for much for the sand snakes (actually I’m happy they got disposed of) but I’m finding out Euron Greyjoy is kind of a badass (yea it’s the guyliner and blood). Which now this leads me too…


Honestly, with everything that he’s been through, it really shows that they are sticking with his character development.

Jon Snow chocking out Little Finger


Like I couldn’t find Jon Snow hotter Ya know? Plus I can’t stand Little Finger so this was music to my ears!



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