Beetlejuice: Chapter 1



After Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Targaryen die in a car accident, they find themselves stuck haunting their northern residence, unable to leave the house. When the unbearable Stark’s (Catlyn Stark & Ned Stark) and teen daughter Arya Stark buy the home, the Targaryen’s attempt to scare them away without success. Their efforts attract Beetlejuice, a rambunctious spirit whose “help” quickly becomes dangerous for the Targaryen’s and innocent Arya.

The sun was dim in the blue light sky but the humidity in Jon Targaryen’s two story attic made it seemed like the sun was beaming down on him. His brown eyes scanned his clay sculpt of his northern town of Winterfell. The materials were made of clay and other hard objects. Jon was on his long awaited vacation from his job at the welding factory and he was going to enjoy his mini holiday by spending time in his attic and finishing sculpting his 3D landscape town.

He was so focused on his project that he didn’t hear the attic door open with a small creek. Daenerys Targaryen peeked her head through the door to see her husband fixated on the project he was working on. Her green soft eyes landed on his dark long and curly hair. It covered his face as he put the last remaining touches on his sculpt and tiny figures. She slowly walked into the room and tipped toed to where her husband was idly standing and figuring out how to put his figurine pieces together.

She wrapped her arms around Jon’s gaunt waist. The surprised feeling of his wife’s touch broke him out of his fierce trance.

“Hey, sweet heart” Jon laughed as he wrapped his arms around his wife’s shoulders.

“I have a surprise for you” Dany gently said as she adjusted herself to her husband’s height and position. Jon gave his wife a perplexed look as he took her delicate hands into his. She excitingly led him out of their home’s attic and into their small but cozy living room. Right before they went to the end of the stair case, Dany turned to look at her handsome husband.

“Close your eyes…” She said with a soft and cool voice. Jon amusingly did what he was told and closed his eyes. His wife led him down to the remaining steps, their heels clicking and Jon can feel the growing excitement through his wife’s hands.

“Surprise!” Dany yelled in excitement. Jon opened his deep brown eyes to the exciting event. There were extra blocks of clay sitting on their living room table. There was also extra fabrics, clay tools and wood material that he was complaining for months to get. Kit’s eyes widen through his frameless glasses.

“Darling you did this for me?” Jon softly asked as he looked at his proud wife.

“Yes! You kept babbling on and on about your materials, so I thought I get them for you to celebrate our vacation!”

The only thing Jon could do was look lovingly at his wife. Her upbeat smile and energetic eyes sent him into a different world as he pulled her into his arms.

“Thank you, love” He mouthed as he captured his wife’s lips into his in such grateful bliss. Just as their kiss went deeply, there was a hard knock on the door. They broke from their quiet bliss and looked at their entrance door where the noise came from.

“I’ll go get it,” Dany said as she sadly broke away from her husbands embrace.

Jon decided as his wife would answer the door, he took his prized gifts and headed up to his attic to finish off his project.

Dany answered her door with such distaste who was at the other end. Gilly Tarly, the local housing retail agent was at their door. Her puffy cheeks and innocent brown eyes didn’t really seep into the Harington’s in confidence. For the past three months, Gilly has tried to drive Jon & Daenerys out of their home that they bought six years ago.

“Daenerys!” Gilly gasped out in surprise as she looked at the silver haired beauty that was in front of her.

“Hi, Gilly” Dany murmured as she let the retail agent inside her home.

“I heard that you and Jon were on Holiday” Gilly pronounced.

“Yes, it has been a long time coming,” Dany said with such strained disdained that she was ready to tell the women to fuck off, it was her well deserved holiday! But Daenerys decided to keep her expressions to her self.

“Well, I figured I would show the house to some local families in the neighborhood” Gilly said as she fully stepped into the house.

“What?!” Dany asked in frustration.

“I figured this large house is too big for you and Jon…it needs to be with a couple with a family and…” Just before Gilly could say anything else, Dany opened up her front door in anger.

“GET. OUT!” Daenerys angerly pushed Gilly out the house and slammed the front door before Gilly could say anything else.

Dany was seething as she entered her kitchen to wash her dishes that was left in the sink. Yes, it has been eight years since they moved into their ideal home and they have been husband and wife; but Gilly Tarley & her husband Sam has been a thorn in their ass since they moved in. Jon & Dany had been working on trying to have a family but nothing could come of it. The house is too big for them, but it felt just right for her and Jon.

“You okay love?” Jon asked as he walked into the open kitchen.

Daenerys looked up to her worried husband and all she could do was smile. His frameless glasses hovered slightly on the bridge of his nose. This made him all the while beautiful to Daenerys.

“Yes, I’m okay love” she softly said as she slowly finished cleaning her dishes. All Jon could do was smile and walk slowly to her and wrap his arms around her slender waist.

“Are you sure?” He asked with reassurances. The whiff of her aroma in her soft amber hair put a burning desire in Jon’s body.

Daenerys’s anger from earlier lowered as she turned to her concerned husband.

“Yes, I’m okay,” She said, cupping her small hands to her husband’s face. With that reassurance, Jon invited his wife with him to head to his shop in Winterfell because he forgot his trusty hammer and drilling tools.Dany protested a bit but she took off her kitchen apron and left the house with her husband and they loaded into their small car and headed into the town of Winterfell.

Just as the young couple was driving down the narrow road and into a miniature bridge, a stray dog walked into Jon’s driving vision and stood in the middle of the road. Jon frantically swerved his car as to not hit the animal but he hurriedly hit the railing of the Winterfell bridge and his car went straight into the river.

Both Jon & Daenerys screamed in horror as they descended into the river and started to drown. Daenerys’s arm started to crash and crack as her passenger side door weighed her down and the small car went down the depths of the river. The pressure of the water filled their lungs as everything in their vision went to black…


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