Beneath The Rose

Day 4 of Halloween Fest 2018

My chapter to my Wattpad vampire love story “Vampire Heart”

~~~This chapter contains sexual content and crude language. Intended for readers 18+~~~

London, 1791

The air in the brothel house was grim and cold. Janita let the ash in the air infect her harsh lungs. The noise in the room gave her a splitting headache. But she managed to set out drinks to the gentleman sitting by the pool tables and bars.

The prestigious brothel “Convent Garden” was filled to capacity with drunken men being loud and cheerful. Everything in the room felt dusty and cluttered. The mahogany pieces of furniture made the bar setting feel dark, but this didn’t stop the scandals women for hosting their men.

Janita jumped in surprise as one of her clients gave her a good tap on the rear. She laughed it off as just foreplay, but secretly, she hated to be touched by these men.

The coldness of her client’s hands didn’t help her feel any good about herself. Janita let out a loud cough as she felt her lungs filled up with fluid. She set her silver tray down to the end of the busy bar. She ran to one of the back rooms so she could cough up the blood that filled up her lungs.

The thick crimson red fluid dripped across her hand. She too a nearby handkerchief and wiped off the substance.  The burning sensation in her throat made it very hard to talk. But it didn’t help matters that she was wearing a tight red and black corset that made her chest busty. Janita quickly gathered herself up and made her way back to the dining area.

She was dying.

That was no surprise by the amount of blood she always seems to cough up each week. But how long she had to live, Janita wasn’t sure. But she knew for certain that she would die a lonely prostitute.

This overwhelmingly gross profession is the only reason she can afford her medicine. But with the growing rate of things and the state of her condition, she started to slowly not being able to afford her medicins.

She brushed passed her way to one of her client’s table. Her raven black hair was in a messy up bun and she looked sickly pale. Her blue eyes looked tired as she let one of her clients fondle her breast. She let the overweight man grab her as she put on a fake smile. “Her acting smile” as she would call it.

Just as the groggy man started to grab in for a kiss, a shadowy figure brushed passed Janita’s vision. She looked up to find a slender man staring at her from across the room. The man she was trying to please looked irritated that Janita wasn’t focused on him but on the man that was standing across the room.

“Get off me you wench!” The overweight man bellowed as he pushed the already sick Janita off his lap. Just as Janita almost hit the floor, she felt a pair of arms wrapped around her body. She looked up to find the man she was staring at holding her tightly in his arms.

He helped her up and she can now give him a good look over. He had dark curly brown hair, it was long enough to reach his shoulders. His skin was porcelain white and his brown eyes had a tent of lightness to them. The handsome stranger turned his attention from the stunned women to the rude overweight man.

“I think you need better manners, sir.” The stranger’s accent was British just like Janita’s but very deep and huskily. Janita couldn’t help but keep her eyes on him. He seemed mesmerizing, she’s never seen a man like him before. Every man that walked into this brothel were old, overweight and callous. But this mysterious stranger seemed nothing of the sort.

“Mind your bloody damn business mate!” The overweight man shouted at Janita’s savior. The stranger only grinned in amusement. That’s when Janita noticed the sharp white teeth he had. This made her more intrigued by the young man.

With a surprise to both Janita and the overweight gross bastard, the mysterious stranger had him by the neck and started to slam him through the wooden table. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over at the commotion. Nothing was said as the man who protected and saved Janita grabbed her hand and led her away from the chaotic scene.


“My apologies…”

Janita turned to look at the man that was now standing by the Inn’s chamber door. The room was dimly lit by scattered about candles. How they made it up to these bedchambers so fast, Janita couldn’t answer that fully. But all she fully knew was this intriguing man saved her life.

“No apologies sir” Janita’s voice was raspy and harsh from all the fitted coughing she was doing over the day. She hated to talk because of it. But this didn’t stop the young man from wanting to hear more from her.

“What’s your name?” He asked. Now his voice is much softer from his earlier interaction.


“beautiful…” He gave Janita a small grin as his piercing light brown eyes looked at her. All she could do was lightly smile back. Her chest started to fill up with fluid again. She felt the pressure in her chest to cough, but she tried to compress the feeling, even though it was hard to do around this total stranger. Finally, the urge to cough was becoming too overwhelming. Janita let out a loud unhinged cough. A cough that she gave was rough between her throat and heaving chest, but no blood came out this time.

She felt the mysterious strangers presences near her now. It didn’t scare her or made her uncomfortable. In fact…it made her feel a bit safe.

She didn’t know this man’s name or where he had come from, but then again…she never knew her client’s name or where they come from. Something deep down inside Janita knew that this man was something different than the rest of the men she has been with.

Janita’s heart started to race as the tall man stepped close to her. He was now in front of her, his eyes glowing in the dim lit room. She held his gaze for a bit before she could find her voice to speak to him.

“What’s your name, sir?” she whispered to him. Her harsh English accent was ghost over his tilted lips. With a swift kiss, she started to breathe in his earthy scent. Just as he pulled away, he spoke his name.

“Vincent Catsby…” His titled name spilled on to Janita’s lips as they started to kiss again. The burning sensation in her chest eased away as Vincent’s tongue traced its self on her lips. He hastily pulled himself away from there sudden embraced and steadily looked down at the shorten breath women.

“We don’t…have to do this…” Vincent hastily said. Janita started to feel the heat growing inside her as she felt his fingers trace over her hips. His hands were deathly cold, but she welcomed every touch that this man was giving her. It wasn’t cold in harsh feelings, it was cold in a physical touch.

“It’s okay…I want this” her voice was small in between his lips. For the first time since she’s been 13 doing this type of work, she believed her own words. She wanted to make love to this man that randomly stood up for her.

The custom feeling of cold and disgusting while having sex with a man was gone. She started to feel this desire and passion from a complete and total stranger. His hands traveled up her long skirt to reach her soaking mound. The slightest touch to her body made every cell in her go on fire. The slickness of her mound coated Vincent’s fingers as he played with her softly. His fingers massaged her clit in a slow but gentle motion. Janita let her shaken hands roam around his strong arms.

He still had on his silk black jacket and white cotton top. Everything started to come off slowly. His jacket and top came off with ease. Her tightly corset and skirt were soon off her sickly body.

She was still weak from her sickness, but that didn’t stop her from feeling the ever overwhelmingly warmth growing throughout her sensitive body.

“I’ve had my eyes on you all night, my love” his silky English voice gave her a sensual sensation. He slowly laid her down on the harsh mattress. She arched her back as her hips meet the delicate thrust of his slender fingers. Her moans echoed through the room, almost drowning out Vincent’s slow panting. Her harsh and dry voice grew in pleasure as she felt his index and middle finger go deep inside her.

“Oh, god,” Janita pleaded into the thick air. Her walls started to clamp down on his digits in a slow grip. He pumped faster into her as he slowly starts to kiss her tender lips.

She didn’t feel the piercing pain as he started to draw a small amount of blood from her tongue. It was only a numbed sensation as she felt the red liquid drip down her pale skin. His long and thick cock touched her lower abdomen gently. He nestled himself between her numbed parted legs.

Everything around Janita seemed dizzy as she felt each breath she was taking. She must be imagining that Vincent’s teeth were protruding sharp fangs. She must be in a delusional state that there was blood on his lips. But the ever-growing pressure of his thrusting was sending her over the edge. The nervousness of having any sexual relationship with this stranger was none existent in Janita’s mind.

His eyes and rhythm entering her body made her feel whole but in a fulfilling way. A first for her in this type of profession. A foreign feeling to Janita is to have a sense of release, but she happily excepted her first orgasm since having sex at the age of 13.

She knew the tall tale signs of a man’s release. But instead of feeling disgusted and hurt, she felt a sense of warmth and satisfaction as he came inside her.

Both bodies rested against each other. Everything seemed to go by so fast in one whole sweep. She gave a glance to this total stranger, he put a man through a table in her defense and now she’s feeling his warm semen inside of her. What started out as a hellish day in Janita’s world, has now become a blissful and mysterious night in a mysterious strangers arms.



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