The Lover’s Throne


The King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms make love on The Iron Throne. NSFW

Fourteen fortnights have passed and Daenerys was missing Jon so much. She hadn’t seen Jon leave on the night of his summons to his childhood home of Winterfell. The trip to Winterfell was much longer then she anticipated. There were only two more fortnights till her king returns to her and she couldn’t wait to get him naked in their chambers. Dany felt insanely frustrated and wanted her husband, her true king in their bed. She wanted his hands all over her body, she wanted his strong fingers inside of her. She missed his exotic touches and the way his fingers danced around her body.

Walking through the throne room, Daenerys Targaryen passed all of her subjects and lords so she could place herself on the iron throne. While Jon Snow was away on important matters in Winterfell, Jon left his wife to uphold the kingdom and its responsibilities.

Dany listened as her subjects informed her of the happenings of the kingdom and she set forth to handle any criminal crimes in her kingdom. Just as the meetings and trials were over, a messenger came through the throne room and gave her a sealed scroll.

Dany took the scroll from the messenger and she started to open it. Her face turned a beet red as she read the words. She ordered the consuls that were standing by her side to leave the room. They obeyed their queen and they all slowly left the room. The scroll was in Jon’s handwriting and the words read of desire and a deep passion to be next to his queen. Just as she finished the last words in the letter, she heard the throne room door open.

She looked up from her readings to find the man that she had missed this whole time. Dany absorbed her husband’s stance and walk to the throne chair. He still wore his stark clothing as he made his way to the throne that his wife was sitting upon. Dany smiled as she sat up from her throne to hug her missed husband.

Jon wrapped his arms around her slender waist and embraced her with all his might. The travel back to Winterfell made Jon miss his wife, emotionally and physically. Jon slowly lets go of their hug to guided her back on to the iron throne.

As Dany sat back down on the cold throne, She started to feel the tips of her husbands four fingers trail up and down her silky dress and to touch her now exposed knee. By the time Jon’s fingers have touched Dany’s skin, her eyes started to close and she breathed in a lung full of his winter scent.

As Jon settled next to Daenerys on the throne, Jon didn’t say a word as he watched his wife eyes open with desire and lust. Daenerys shifted slightly on the iron chair that did fit two people. The scene from the throne room and watch Jon get comfortable on his knees had gotten Dany hot and bothered with lust. She was flushed with heat and wetness from between her thighs. Dany squirmed in her place as she felt Jons’ hands roam around her thighs. Dany longed for his thick cock to be repeatedly thrusting into her.

She longed to feel Jon’s heat engulf her body as her body wanted to approach her climax.

Stretching her legs across the chair and one of her legs landed on her lover’s thigh, she started to feel the warmth from his winter skin on her fiery summer body. His thick beard kissed her neck softly this reminded her of his masculinity and the familiar tickle of her exposed neck. Dany focused on the sensations Jon was giving her through his kisses and touches.

He slowly but surely lifted her gown. As Jon placed the flat palm of his hands on the side of her knee and he slowly smoothed up Dany’s leg. She knew the lustful eyes and exotic expression that Jon was ready to devour her.

Jon was home now and Dany wanted him inside her and soon. Jon turned to his wife and looked into her violate eyes and saw a gleam of lust building inside of her. Jon finally leaned in and hovered over Dany’s mouth for a second and kissed her passionately. He explored her mouth and teased his tongue with hers. The delicate touch sent shivers and goosebumps between Daenerys thighs and made her pussy pulse with need. The instant throb that she felt when her husband’s warm wet tongue touched her own was blissful and sweet. Jon pulled Dany tighter into his arms and kissed her harder, she began to whimper and shifted on the iron throne. She needed to feel his touch. She breathlessly pulled away from his heated kiss.

“I need you now…” her voice was low but it felt like it echoed throughout the throne room. Jon pressed his lips to his wife’s warm mouth to silence her pleases. With his dark eyes boring deep into his wife Violate eyes; Dany knew that he wanted this just as much as she did.

Dany bit her lip as she felt her husbands delicate fingers caress her soaking wet sex. She held back her moans as he traced his fingers over her bare pussy lips. Up and down he dragged his index finger, with each sweep of his finger was pushing further into her wetness. He started to tease her clit, slowly and gently.

Widening her legs she urged and invited her king to plunge his fingers into his queen. Dany wanted to feel the thrust of her lover, even if it had to make do with two or three fingers sliding in and out of her. Holding on to the collar of his leather armor, she began to moan quietly as Jon vigorously played with her soaking pussy until she finally reached her climax. The feel of his touch felt like heaven to her.

Finally, he removed his soaked fingers from her lips and he sat up in front of her legs and started to stare down at his beautiful wife. Dany’s heart started to flutter. She knew what that look meant. It was time for her to disrobe herself from her silk dress. The thrill of taking off her dress in such an open and public place made her pussy throb repeatedly. Jon wanted to be deep inside his queen and Dany couldn’t wait to have him. She watched as Jon hooked his fingers to the strap of her dress and slowly dragged them down to her ankle. She stepped out of the dress and Jon placed it next to them onto the floor.

She was fully naked into the breezy throne room. It was semi-dark and fully empty in the throne room. There were only two heated souls standing near the cold furniture which is the throne. Dany felt exposed but the desire she had for her king overtook any other emotion she might have had. Widening her thighs while she sat on the throne, she tilted her hips towards her king as an invitation to go and have a taste of his queen. Jon wasted no time, placing his hands on Dany’s inner thighs spreading her wider and dropped his raven-haired head to her pussy lips and started to lick.

The flat of his tongue swept up her outer lips once, and Dany let out a cry of pleasure. This encouraged Jon further, his magical tongue pushing inside her and then up to her clitoris. Circling around and around, he used the tip of his tongue to tease Dany to her climax. As the queen felt herself build, she mourned the loss of her king’s mouth on her clit. He removed his face from between her thighs. She looked down at Jon who was hovering over his knees on the cold floor. Jon was staring up at his flushed queen, their eyes locked. The intensity of the stare almost made Dany look away from Jon’s lustful eyes. Dany closed her eyes as Jon’s head descended again. She watched as Jon’s tongue came out his mouth and plunge inside of her wet snatch. It made Dany quivered out the start of her orgasm. The muscles in her thighs and stomach tightening as she reached higher and higher to her bliss.

Daenerys moans and cries were audible around the empty room. Jon worked faster and applied more pressure to her clitoris. As Dany tipped over the edge of her climax, Jon plunged his tongue into her channel and licked up all of her juices that kept spilling out. Once Jon had licked every wet drop that escaped, he started to crawl up between her legs. He kissed his queen thoroughly and Dany could taste her own flavor off of her husband’s lips. It felt intoxicating.

Positioning himself between her legs, he started to undone and pull down his trousers. He wasted no time at all sliding his cock to his queen’s entrance. Dany started to lean her upper body. She hooked her arms around Jon’s neck and kissed him deeply. He edged Dany over the iron chair and held her hips steadily. The sense of being filled by her king was almost too much for Dany. She was still tight from her last orgasm. Jon took one of her ass cheeks and lifted it slightly so he could ease himself all the way into her. Dany could feel every inch of her king along her pussy walls.

Jon pulled out of Dany and she felt the instant loss of contact, the fullness of her king’s cock inside of her. She watched as his bobbing cock stood erect before her eyes. The glistened up and wet shaft of Jon’s cock from the juices of his queen was inches away from Dany. She looked up into the eyes of her true king and she licked her lips. She wanted to devour Jon. Holding onto the base of his shaft, she took her husbands into her mouth and she sucked hard, long and slow. She circled her tongue around his shaft and licking her juices off of his stiff cock.

After a few more times of thrusting her mouth down on her king’s shaft, Jon pulled out of his queen’s mouth and stood before his queen at the iron chair. Dany’s hand dropped to her pussy and she started to stroke herself while keeping her eyes locked on her king’s face. He didn’t come yet, and Daenerys wanted Jon to have the same pleasure as her.

It didn’t take more than thirty seconds before Jon lifted his queen from off the throne and he sat in her place with Dany on his lap facing away. He positioned his cock at her entrance again and slowly dropped his queen down and impaling her on his hard length. Daenerys stretched her arms back as he came around to hold onto her plump breasts. Spreading her legs wide again, he thrust up into his queen. The feeling of her king pushing all the way inside of her, filling her right to the top was making Dany deliciously tight. She had already come twice and she didn’t think she had it in her to come again. Jon obviously had other ideas for his beautiful queen. He wanted her to come again for him. She would not deny her king a third orgasm. She bounced as he thrust upward and she felt him become bigger as his paced quickened.

Three more thrust and Jon came, hard, spilling into his queen. Daenerys felt the warmth of her husband’s seed explode inside of her, this made her even wetter. He slowed his thrust down and he slid in and out with ease. He still felt semi-hard inside his queen.

Dany looked back into Jon’s dark grey eyes to see the calm and contented expression of the king of the seven kingdoms. A man she loved and adored.

“Hello my king, I’m glad you came home early,” The queen of the seven kingdoms said and grinned down at Jon…


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