Blood Grave

I’m already involved in an anthology project with coffee house writers. I’m also working on my own anthology novel that I’m trying to launch by the beginning of 2021. But I decided this week to submit a short story for The Sleeping Darkness Awakened.

My short story is named ”Blood Grave” It’s based off these three vampires; one that’s African, one that’s Taíno, and one that’s Spaniard. It’s based in the late 1500’s during settler times of the new Americas. They would pray and devour anyone that comes in there path. It took a village witch to curse them in their relics and coffins.

Fast forward to 400 years later, their three descendants has now awakened them from their dark cave, after realizing from the horror they have caused, they must figure out how to stop these bloodthirsty creatures from killing innocent lives before the full eclipse. In which then they will live on our earth forever.

I’m already in the middle of this story, so my piece should be done and edited by next week. I’ve always wanted to write a historical type of horror story, so I figure this the best time for it! I’m not quite sure if they will choose this story or if it will be published, but if it does get chosen, I’ll update you guys on the process.

Also during the future I’m going to be writing some back story novels on each character in my Wattpad page! I’ll also do some Pinterest pins on the ideas of my story!

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I am a stay at home blogger & self- publish author. I love to write and blog about creative writing and things that interest or inspire my work. I'm also an artist and abstract illustrator. I also blog about family life and my experiences.

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