About Me

My name is Janeen. I am a self-published author, poet, illustrator & blogger. I was born and raised in Harlem, NY. I started writing & doing art in middle school and it piqued my interest to try and write & publish my first book after having life-changing events in 2013-2014.
I am currently working with America Girl as a Doll Hair Stylist. I’m a mother of four little ones and my fur baby ferret. I used to work in non-profit programs at the YMCA of Greater NY. I’ve always loved being creative and helping bring people joy and happiness with my art. I try to tell my life experience through my drawings and short stories so as to help others understand the feeling one goes through when they experience a certain situation.
I write to express my emotions and I draw or paint abstract illustrations to express my deepest Imagination. I love to write short stories of science fiction/horror, romance, erotica & fantasy. I also love to write poems about love, life & different emotions. My Illustration works are whimsical with a dark and playful twist. Each piece tells a fantasy story using dark images and earnest feelings. I mainly work with oil & acrylic paint, along with watercolor paint & watercolor pencil. I also work with colored pencil, markers, pencil sketching, ink pens, fabric & craft paper.
I’m a huge horror movie buff and I am currently active in the Game of Thrones fandom. I also write fanfiction short stories. I’m a huge nerd that loves to read mangas, comic books & other peoples fanfictions of different characters. I currently reside in Orlando, FL with my kids, ferret and husband of 13+ years.

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