Beetlejuice Chapter 3

After Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Targaryen die in a car accident, they find themselves stuck haunting their northern residence, unable to leave the house. When the unbearable Stark’s (Catlyn Stark & Ned Stark) and teen daughter Arya Stark buy the home, the Targaryen’s attempt to scare them away without success. Their efforts attract Beetlejuice, a rambunctious spirit whose “help” quickly becomes dangerous for the Targaryen’s and innocent Arya.

The Idea

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Sometimes you have to take a step back when you feel your life is spiraling out of control. Sometimes it takes a strong powerful voice to keep you at bay.

Life is never an easy journey. It has its highs and lows and deep and gritty lessons to learn. I at times don’t want to face life, but I push myself to get through the hurdle.

I’ve realized that not everyone can get through these hurdles. Some of us get so stuck that there is no light in the room. But when I feel that everlasting dread of darkness tries to pull me down. I look for my personal light to shine me through. My kids and my husband are my shining light. No matter bad I fall, they are always there to get me through.

I come to realize that no matter what life throws at me…I know I’m strong enough to make it through…

The More

The moment I knew what was real,

You already held me in your arms,

There can’t be a time where I can’t kiss your face,

The feel of your skin makes me feel weak,

The more I could feel you,

The more I want to taste your kiss…


It was the first snowfall of the year and its already making me miss you.

The snow across the land makes me miss every sight you have seen. The stories you’ve told and the way your eyes light up like running a river in sun on a winter month.

The surrounding of the winters nature, makes me miss your gentle love. The snowflakes dance around in my hair as if your fingertips would have.

The snow touching my lips makes me miss your kiss; I start to sob.

I miss the sound of your voice like the winter winds. I start to crumble as if I can hear it.

I’d do anything to have you next to me again, even if it means losing my soul…

Can’t Scream

Erotic breaths,
Can’t speak,
Can’t hold it any longer,

The faster we go,
The more can’t scream,
Not a word,
Not a sound,

The more you compel my soul,
The more can’t scream,
To withhold this in as I feel you in my gut,
I feel you deep within my soul

I just have to hold on a bit longer,

I can’t scream