Shifting-Chapter 6


“There was no reason for Seth to divide the group or make the situation worse than it already was. In a low voice and feeling defeated, Dan declared “I don’t know what else to do.”

With this declaration and both men out of options, Holly looked up from her bent knees and her arms hugging them. A plan started to develop into her head, but it will take some thought out planning and everyone needed to be on board.

“Guys…” Holly broke the silence between the group. Both men looked at the woman sitting on the floor.

“I have an idea…”

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Shifting-Chapter 5


“Without calling for backup, Nelson exited from his police car and searched around the empty parking lot. The mist in the area was making visibility hard to see anything in the area. He took his gun out from his belt and was ready to arm himself. The full window of the supermarket was fogged and he couldn’t see the movement that was going on inside…”

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Caged Wings


I won’t be kept in a cage,
My clipped and battered wings,
Your eyes tell lies,
My fragile heart,

We were never meant to fly together,
My rusted soul,
You latched on to me tightly,
My spirit can no longer fly,

My caged wings are deep within your grasp,
Such a beautiful creature you are,
Yet you are deadly to my soul…

Shifting-Chapter 5


“Dan gave his friend a malicious look but knew he wasn’t making the situation any better. Dan nodded his head ‘okay’ to his friend. Seth slowly let his friend loose from his grip. Dan decided to keep his distance from the frightened couple. Seth cuddled close to his shaken girlfriend and tried to keep her calm. There was still heavy amounts of blood all over her clothes and parts of face and hair. They needed to come up with a plan and fast…”

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Your words,
The break,
The silence,
They come crashing down,
Into my lonely world,
Painful as it sounds,
Your words,
Peirce through my heart,
I can’t breathe,
My love,

Your words,
Brings me peaceful silence…

My Heart for You

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Once I die,
I start to spill my heart for you,
And always for you,
Once I die in your arms…
I let my heart bleed out for you…

Erotic Blood


I start to bite my lip,
You edge closer to me,
Your kisses start to soak my neck,

We will never fall apart from each other
This feels too good,
Your lust sends my body on fire,
My hands caress your body,

I love you,
I lust for you…
Very deep in my erotic blood…