I’m rattled


I’m flustered by your touch,
I’m shaken to the core,
I’m fazed by the lust you put inside of me…



I’m all yours,
Lost in this roped abyss,
Toil into these restraints,
I’m moved and swayed by your commands,
I’m a servant to your touch,
I’m a servant to your wild madness,
Wrap me in your rope of bliss,
Captivate me into your desired world and make your love slave…

Confessions of My Desire: Erotic Poetry Book

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Belongs to me…



I’m starting at the beginning of life…

I’m a high builder in your world
A small child,
I am your sweetheart and greatest soul,
You are a painted lover
Deep in lust,
You belong to me as my husband…

Thank You


I really don’t know how to put into words how much I want to thank this particular person. I know its super silly to put my feelings out there for one particular actor…but without me discovering his show, the movies he has done and just him in general…I don’t think I would have discovered my love for writing and my devotedness to the craft.

You see, four years ago I was in a rough spot. I was in a shelter with my family and I didn’t have much of an outlet or a good clear understanding of a life I wanted to lead for my family and myself. But it was four years ago that I and my husband decided to watch this little show called “Game of Thrones”. We were instantly hooked after the first episode but for me, there was one actor and character that stood out to me…his name was Kit Harington his character was Jon Snow. Maybe it was his acting chops, maybe it was his handsome looks or maybe it was both. But I just couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with the show and the amazing actor…

My obsession with him has started me reading fanfictions about him and Jon Snow. One night I decided to this movie I stumbled upon called “Pompeii”. I have to admit I didn’t know Kit’s name. I only knew him as Jon Snow (I was caught up with season 4 at the time). So when I saw him in this movie for the very first time…

I was really shocked and instantly hooked…
One night where I couldn’t sleep, I landed on a story on AO3 of his character from Pompeii. I was so intrigued by Kit, the writer and her work that I started to follow her stories on Tumblr. (She is now one of my best friends in the entire galaxy). After spending a whole night reading her stories and looking through countless blogs about Kit, Jon Snow & Game of Thrones fandom, I decided to create my own blog for the site (my first ever blog I ever created).

While I was on my Kit fandom adventures, I decided to try and write my own fanfictions. Some were a success, some were a complete failure (I really didn’t know how to write in the beginning and made huge errors). I’ve met so many interesting followers that I’ve become great friends with outside the fandom. But during my fandom adventures, in November 2014, I and my family lost our potential housing in NYC and we lost our unborn son during my second trimester. This really sent me into a deep depression and I almost ended my life at that point. I desperately looked to Kit’s projects and the fandom for comfort during this hard time…I did meet some backlash for writing poems & erotic stories about Kit or his characters and my love for him in poetry form, but that was the only thing in my mind that was keeping me afloat from my grief…

One night while I was getting myself to feel better from my grief, I decided to write my own original short story not based on Kit or his characters. I’ve gotten some nice feedback, along with me writing my own original poetry writings for my blog. It took me two years to develop but from the help of my husband and my friends from my Tumblr blog, I decided to write my first poetry book “A Letter From My Heart”.

With this book, it spawned me to really know how to be a successful blogger & author full time. For the next three years after this, I’ve written over three other books, I’ve got one of my fan fiction writings “Take Me Away” noticed by his director in “Brimstone”

I’m also now part of a successful publication with Coffee House Writers as a creative writer and I’m currently working on a new poetry book to be published with more novels to come soon…

I started off not knowing what I wanted to do with my life or knowing how to get out of my bad situation with my family. But just for watching Kit and his ever-growing projects and how dedicated he is to his craft & work…I thought to myself I can do the same. He came into my life during my weakest spot…all I want to say to him is Thank You…

Thank you for introducing me to your lovely fans and followers that I call friends and family and my own fans to my work…
Thank you for being my inspiration to my work and career path so far…

Thank You, Kit Harington, for everything

Janeen G.

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Confessions of My Desire Inspiration Board


Your lips,


Starts to seath into my soul,


Your fingers weave into my hair,


My skin,


I’m slick and moist with lust,


My eyes close,


I see black lace and sweat,


Your taste is venomous poison of lust…

Confessions of My Desire: Erotic Poetry Book

Will be released on August 17th, 2018 on Kindle, Amazon Paperback, Nook Book & Kobo Stores