Fan Fiction

This page is where you will find all of my Fan Fiction stories that revolve around Kit Harington and his characters from movies & television.

Drunk in Love

Drunk in Love Chapter 2: Hazed Feelings

Drunk in Love Chapter 3: Alluring High

Drunk in Love Chapter 4: Intoxicated bliss

Dancing of Desire

Dark Space: Chapter 1

Dark Space: Chapter 2

Dark Space: Chapter 3

Dark Space: Chapter 4

Dark Space: Chapter 5

Dark Space: Chapter 6

Dark Space: Chapter 7

Dark Space: Chapter 8

Dark Space: Chapter 9

Red Shorts

Submit to Me

Night Driving


Frost Passion


Bend Over

Beetlejuice: Chapter 1

Beetlejuice: Chapter 2

Climax– Jonerys Erotic Fic

Silent Sundown (Jonerys Boatsex)

Surprise– 2014 Fan Fic *Updated*

Surprise: Part 2

Surprise: part 3

Surprise: part 4

Infected: Halloween Fan Fic

Infected: Chapter 2

Infected: Chapter 3

Kiss of Dawn

Breathe– Poem

Beetlejuice- Chapter 3

Lock Down– Game of Thrones/Alien 3 Crossover Fan Fiction

Lock Down-Chapter 2

Lock Down-Chapter 3


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