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This is my book page. These are the latest titles of my books & their descriptions, along with the links to where you can find them…

I think I can feel you.

I can see you in my dreams again and you haven’t left my mind.

You’re like this living drug that I can’t get out of my system.

I start to feel like I’m in my own little world basking in whatever drug you’re made out of.

I’m hallucinating and I think your standing right in front of me.

I can feel your soft hands going through my hair.

You are just as nervous as I am but you don’t seem to fully show it.

I start to wonder how you can stay so calm but yet so unsure.

I feel this rush of warmth as you wrap your arms around me.

It feels like I’m falling very slowly in your arms.

I feel like I’m drowning in my thoughts of you and I feel like I’m choking to death.

This feeling that I’m getting every time you race through my mind is like a shock wave through my body.

You’re my book that I don’t want to put down fearing that I might miss something.

You take me to a different world I want to be in.

If I get out of this daze, I won’t see you again and that’s my biggest fear.

I do need to come back to reality but if that means leaving you then I don’t want to go back.

Let me stay here with you in your arms and you pull me into your world.

It’s dark and scary in my world, in my reality.

Yours…yours seem fit for me as I am fit for you.

Please don’t let me go…don’t let me wake up from this intimacy & bliss…

New series of poetry that expresses love, passion, erotic intimacy & total bliss

Print Length: 53 pages

Publication Date: June 23, 2016

Intimacy & Bliss: Series of Emotional Poetry ~Kindle Ebook~  ~Paperback~ ~Nook Book~


The dark room surrounds us,

I can feel my heartbeat through my hands,

Emotions run high as I hear your footsteps,

You wrap your hands in my hair,

I’m feeling weak under your touch,

Tender and sweet,

Gracious and addicting,

Somber eyes lands on my heated body,

Oh how I can make out your feelings through these kisses,

Inky hair dances in my hands,

Your skin is hot; you’re melting in my hands,

Give me time alone with you and I’ll paint you a new brighter world to see…

10 short exotic tales that will leave you breathless and anticipate more. Let your secret fantasies come to life and lose yourself in the soft-spoken words of your mind…

Print Length: 70 pages

Publication Date: December 12, 2015

Secret Thoughts: Exotic Tales ~Kindle Ebook~  ~Paperback~ ~Nook Book~



My obsession over you has become too great. I think maybe I should rethink my act towards you,

I should step back from you for a while, maybe it is becoming too much for me to handle,

I feel so embarrassed, hurt, scared, frustrated, angry…I don’t know what to do with these feelings…it seems like everyone can speak your name but me,

So I stay silent for a while, I keep these feelings bottled up into a jar, until that very one day I can take it out. But these feelings can’t be contained, if you put it away, it starts to eat at my skin; it starts to broil my brain and rip at my heart. Why must these feelings be kept locked? It’s become too great for anyone to see. My words are too much for anyone to comprehend.

So for this I will write my love for you and speak your name louder, scream it if I must,

I will not let these feeling be chained away because of disapproving eyes…let my voice and words be heard and read…and let it be known by these words that I love you…

Series of Emotional Love poems dedicated to the soulful heart…

Print Length: 60 pages

Publication Date: July 10, 2015

A Letter from My Heart: Original Emotional Love Poems ~Kindle Ebook~ 


the escape book cover 1

The Escape: Collection of 100 Poetry Writings

The series started off as just a dream. A dream of which I could not escape. So I decided to spill my dreams into words of passion, entity and provocative bliss. My collection of my deepest thoughts are for you to behold…

Come join the elaborate adventurers of endless poetry writings of love, life, and deep happiness.

The Escape Coming Soon to ~Kindle Ebook~  ~Paperback~ ~Nook Book~


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