Each Breath…


Just the kiss of your lips; it tastes like summer wine.

With each breath I take; your mouth eclipses my soul.

I start to melt; deep into your arms.

The moment our skin touches; I utter the loving words…

“I Love You”…


The Dust of Snow


The dust of snow,

The crow glides across the sky,

The dust of snow,

Awakens the fire inside,

The dust of snow,

Has given my heart a chance to glow,

The dust of snow,

Will one day rise above; and rule as king…

Silently Drawn


I let myself be silently drawn by the pull of your gentle eyes. It leads me into a perfect little world, for just me and you…

Robocop Returns


Just this past week, my childhood movie & current favorite director will be married together in one project!

MGM  is overseeing the new installment of Robocop and they brought on my all-time favorite director Neil Blomkamp (District 9) to direct the picture. The title of the film is “Robocop Returns”. The franchise began with Paul Verhoeven directed sci-fi action thriller that Orion released in 1987 (a shy year before I was born).

The original writers of the first film (Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner) will be producing & executive producing this film. Justin Rhodes (he’s also the co-writer of the new Terminator movie) will be re-writing the script with Ed & Michael.

I’m so damn excited about this new project! Not only do you have the original writers coming back for this project, but my all-time favorite director will be taking on this project. I’m very much heavily into sci-fi movies/stories and Robocop slowly introduces me into the love of sci-fi.

Since being a writer, I’ve deeply enjoyed stories with a amazing character development and in-depth storytelling and this childhood movie gives it just that. Neil is an amazing storyteller when it comes down to directing sci-fi (please see Chappie, Elysium, District 9) So I think he won’t have a hard time doing this project.

Neil is a huge inspiration in my works. I’m looking to go deep into the sci-fi genre & storytelling in that topic and his works were always an inspiration…I’m very excited for this project and I can’t wait to see what Neil and the rest of the crew come up with…

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Erotic Blood


I start to bite my lip,
You edge closer to me,
Your kisses start to soak my neck,

We will never fall apart from each other
This feels too good,
Your lust sends my body on fire,
My hands caress your body,

I love you,
I lust for you…
Very deep in my erotic blood…


Away and Remember


You’re leaving me again,

Just a little while you tell me as you whisper in my ear

But each time you tell me this…each time your lips touch my delicate ears…I feel a pang in my heart,

It’s like your taking my soul with you,

But I want to leave you with something tonight…it’s not my heart, it’s not my words…it’s my body I want you to think about as your away,

The way it curves, the way it settles in your hands…

I want it to be on your mind day and night while you’re away…

Crave me each night,

Beg for more each morning you wake,

I know you must be away…but I’ll leave you with my trembling body in your hands, to remember while you’re away