Broken Hearted

It’s just a journey to get to you,

Travels can never be worried away,

Or your heart maybe doomed away,

But your heart burns in the quicken fire,

Though as I travel in bliss,

I’ve discovered your good kiss,

Has broken my heart…


Love Me

I want you to kiss me,
Wrap your arms around me,
Pull me in,
Taste me,
Pull me into bliss,

Love my soul,
Love my heart,
Let me taste the rain on your lips,
Let me soak in your scent,
Love me and my deep soul…


Just one blink and my eyes are open,

The feeling of the morning sun,

Burns my eyes,

Under my skin

My body starts to wake,


The effort to rise makes me weak,

To hold on to last night’s dream,

Makes me want to wander back into bed,

But once your lips start to crush my skin,


I know that the morning is bright,

That I am truly alive…


Earlier in the spring of light,
I can picture your eyes blue and bright,
Early in the dawn,
I wish you weren’t gone,
Late in the day,
Old as it may,
Preceding to remember your touch,
To my previous clutch,
Prior to this lonely past,
I wished your kiss would last,
Recent in this spring of light,
How I wish to see your eyes blue and bright…