Heart break

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Abecedarian Erotica


Amorous is your lips.

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Here I Go Again

Here I am again,

Musing over you through poetry…

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Summer Love-Chapter 1

It’s been a long week for us.

We were tired and stressed out. There were some days where we wanted to give up. Working in the life of retail can change your perspective on life. But I wasn’t going to let this stop me on the summer plans that I have created for us…

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The car needs repairs :(

So After getting another car after our car accident when a crazy person was stopped and suddenly sped up destroying our car.

We now are in a tight bind as we have to fix the replacement car we got and things are very tight so any help appreciated and if you are a mechanic and want to do pro bono work that would be awesome lol any help is appreciated and thank you all.

You Can Donate Here

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated by The Gonzalez Family…


In these trees of life…


In these trees of life,
I beg to hold you,
I want to summon your lust into me,
In these trees of life,
I want to feel you deep within my soul…