WARNING: NSFW material and only suitable for 21+

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The Dream of Darkness

The plague of my dark mind runs deep into my soul,

In the dim lights of those deep dark thoughts,

In my mind, there’s darkness seeping into my reality,

It rattled my mind,

It blackened my soul,

The deep darkness of my dreams,

Blackened my reality…

There is You

If there is you, then there is passion,

If there is you, then there is desire,

You are the sand beneath my feet,

You are the ocean air I breathe,

You are the love I wish to bathe in,

If there is you, then there is passion,

If there is you, then there is love…

Be Not Said


Be not said,

I love you with all my heart…

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With Your Eyes


Your deep,
Sexual eyes,
You make me drunk,
I’m tripped up from your smile,
The wilderness,
I’m opened to your lust,
Our souls,
Are so deep,
We are drunk,
Into the depths of your eyes…

Confessions of My Desire: Erotic Poetry Book

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Go Deeper…

Go deeper…
Just one touch,
Release your self into me,
Go deeper…


You whispered in my ear,
“You disgrace this life”, “You are not strong enough to face this storm”.

I turned to your ugly face,

The loathed in disgust and hatred face,
I stood tall and whispered back…

“I am the storm, bitch…”