Men’s Gothic Fashion Inspiration

For Fashion week ideas and inspiration, here are some cool designs I found and they look really stunning!

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Inner Peace


Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart

Day 5 of Halloween Fest 2018

Original artwork inspired by the song “Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart” by HIM

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Reaper Effect

Day 1 Halloween Fest 2018

Original Artwork and Poem about the Grim Reaper

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Miss Ghoul Inc. 2019


So I’ve decided after a long hiatus from my art, I will be relaunching my art brand: “Miss Ghoul Inc.”

Miss Ghoul started off in 2008 in New York City. I was planning at that time to be a full-time artist/illustrator. But I wasn’t sure how to go about marketing and launching my artist brand.

Now after so many years of experience with my published books, I’m finally ready to get my art store started! I’m creating an artist business plan and working on updating 15 different pieces to be ready for my art store launch in January 2019.

All of my works will be based on abstract designs, horror & sci-fi illustrations, fantasy concepts, and erotica/romance ideas.

Miss Ghoul Inc. Is a reflection of my identity in the past 11 years and I’m ready to show it to the world!

The Dust of Snow


The dust of snow,

The crow glides across the sky,

The dust of snow,

Awakens the fire inside,

The dust of snow,

Has given my heart a chance to glow,

The dust of snow,

Will one day rise above; and rule as king…