To Love You





“Life is not the end, and death is just the beginning…”
― Rebecca McNutt, Perfect Little Angel: A Short Story


Sun Shines


The sun shines through the grey clouds,
Happiness shine through your eyes,
I just want to sing and shout,
Sweet melody is your voices,
It sings to me,
Like the morning sun,
My problems and fears wash away,
In the sunrise ocean,
This morning with you brings me happiness and joy,
The sunshine of your eyes,
Brings me new light…

~Sun Shines~

Janeen G.


Oscars 2019

Now I caught the ending of the Oscars. I really didn’t plan out my day to watch the show, but I was very pleased with who won the Oscars and what was being nominated. I caught up the fashion and the red carpet events and I have to say everyone looked stunning in their gowns and suits!

Here are some photos I collected from the stars of the night and their amazing wardrobe!

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Men’s Gothic Fashion Inspiration

For Fashion week ideas and inspiration, here are some cool designs I found and they look really stunning!

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