World on Fire



The Dust of Snow


The dust of snow,

The crow glides across the sky,

The dust of snow,

Awakens the fire inside,

The dust of snow,

Has given my heart a chance to glow,

The dust of snow,

Will one day rise above; and rule as king…

Death is Near-Blackout Poetry Theme



So in the next few weeks, I’ll be creating a blackout poetry project for my art portfolio. It’s going to be a 6-week project and from time to time I’ll post my progress on each piece on my facebook page.

I’ll be using different magazines, flyers, and newspapers and using only keywords or sentences for my poetry. I’ll also be designing with permanent markers and design markers. After my 5 to 6 pieces are done, I’ll fully publish my work on my blog, Instagram, and deviant art pages.

After I post them, I’ll frame them and have them for sale on my blog page! Each piece of poetry will be based on some of the poetry I’ve already written. Hope you all enjoy my next project!

Janeen G.

Deep Love


I share in this life with you,
Building love and memories,
Loving you,
Side by side,
I smile with love,
I smile with pride,
Your just a dream come true…

Personal Wedding Inspiration

This is the 10-year engagement saga…I’ve have been saving these fashion designs and prompts for years…

I’ve been working on this wedding preparation for about 10 years now…This is something that I would love to have or something that I would love to afford…

My personal wedding inspiration

Wedding Dresses





Wedding Ceremony 



Wedding Reception


Groomsman & Groom