My Heart for You

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Once I die,
I start to spill my heart for you,
And always for you,
Once I die in your arms…
I let my heart bleed out for you…



Just every moment,
From the start to the end,
Every moment counts with you,
The deeper I feel,
The closer I get to heaven,
I’m fragile in every way,
But you awaken my soul,
Just every moment with you,
Fills me with joy & bliss…


You whispered in my ear,
“You disgrace this life”, “You are not strong enough to face this storm”.

I turned to your ugly face,

The loathed in disgust and hatred face,
I stood tall and whispered back…

“I am the storm, bitch…” 

Broken Hearted

It’s just a journey to get to you,

Travels can never be worried away,

Or your heart maybe doomed away,

But your heart burns in the quicken fire,

Though as I travel in bliss,

I’ve discovered your good kiss,

Has broken my heart…