Creative Projects

Through this past month, I’ve been working on different projects for different contests or submissions. Each one is due some time in July, but I’m still trying to get each project edited by the end of this week and next week.

The first project that needs to be submitted is my action-adventure idea for Impact & Netflix. I’ve always wanted to write for movies, so I’m going to take this opportunity to write an outline and screenplay for my idea.

I want to write an action/buddy cop comedy that has an all-female black cast. It’s Beverly Hills Cop, Bad Boys & Lethal Weapon mixed with Mission Impossible, James Bond & Die Hard. I want the film to have a good balance between action and comedy. I’ve been dreaming of this moment my whole life, so now I see a chance for me to bring out a movie idea I had since I was a kid.

Now I’m a little short on time (It’s due July 5th) but with some thought out planning (maybe even working during my lunch break at work) I’m confident that I’ll have my idea finished and submitted for the Netflix project.

Midnight & Indigo is looking for black authors to write horror/sci-fi for their publication. I’m so excited about this because I love to write horror stories and sci-fi stories. I’m rewriting my story ”Devour” for this contest. The story just needs to be written and edited. It’s due July 12th for submission. Again, I’m gonna have to work double-time on this project but I’m excited for this contest. I have to thank my nieces Vanessa Moore for giving me the heads up on this contest.

I’m also going to be writing up a pitch and working on my WIP ”Lost Echo” so I can receive a agent with Graydon House/Harper Collins Publishing. They are looking for unagented black authors for publication. I have until September 8th to submit my work, so I’m making some time and dedication to that writing project.

I’m still putting together my own anthology novel that I’m trying to publish by the end of this year. The novel is called “Words By Midnight”, it will have a series of poems and short stories that are emotional and romantic. I’m pushing for the final draft to be done by August so I can have it submitted to an editor by August.

I have a huge road to accomplish on my creative ideas and up and coming projects. For the first time in months I’m really excited about creating my writings and sharing it with the world…

Janeen G.
“Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.”
― Red Haircrow

Infected: Chapter 8

Hadera ran into the parking lot with blood dripping down her face. Her heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was about to burst from her chest. Her vivid illusions were getting out of hand.

She ran through the park cars trying to get to safety. What if those dogs come back? What is that dark shadow that keeps coming for her? She did not know what to make of this situation. She made her way past the exit door and out in the middle of the street.

The sunlight burned her eyes, she did not know what to do or where she should turn to. Just as she was ready to walk slowly down the sidewalk, she saw the dark figure waiting for her at the end of the street. There was no one around but her and this demonic demon that gave her a sinister look. His ghostly eyes pierced at Hadera as she stared at him in terror.

You can read the rest of my short story “Infected:Chapter 8” on Coffee House Writers!


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The late evening sky was clear as Hadria sat at the far end of the New York City subway car. There was no one in the dingy lit car with her as she tried to avoid dozing off to sleep and missing her stop.

The train conductors muffled voice announced the next stop. Hadria stood up from her seat and waited by the door. Just as she looked through the thin glass mirror, she was met with her reflection and a tall figure that was behind her. The figure was wearing a dark hoodie and its face wasn’t visible through the reflection of the mirror.

Her heart quickened as she turned around quickly to find that no one was behind her.

The train pulled into the outside station as she tried to calm her nerves and get ready to leave the train car.

The wind whipped through her hair as she stepped out of the train and headed towards the station’s steps. Down she went at the bottom of the steps and headed towards the long narrow corridor of the subway station.

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Chicago Tribune: 2020 Nelson Algren Literary Awards

With much debate with myself, I decided to submit my short story “Wrath” to The Chicago Tribune 2020 Nelson Algren Literary Awards.

The 2020 Nelson Algren Literary Awards is sponsored The by Chicago Tribune. I’ve been wanting to submit to this contest for about three years now. I decided to make a huge leap and submit one of my short stories.

I won’t be notified to June of this year to see who is the winner.

No matter what happens,

I’m excited that I participated in this contest!

Official Rules: 2020 Nelson Algren Literary Awards



CHW: Infected-Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of “Infected” will debut on Tomorrow; Monday, January 27th from Coffee House Writers

infected poster

Deathly Bottle

She was looking at the bottle and it was giving her an itchy feeling. A feeling that was starting to make her nausea. Being locked up in the dimly lit room with this bottle across from her wasn’t a good thing.

She craved this suspense that was inside the bottle. It was eating at her sweaty flesh. She heaved and puffed in agony. The deathly bottle was making her weary. She needed the substance that was inside that jar. But the illness that is inside that jar would kill her.

With everything in her will power, she tried to stop the urge. Her skinned itch which she tried to scratch, her heart was beating fast as she tried to keep it still. She did everything she could in that dimly-lit room to keep the urge at bay, but the will power fell through.

She hurriedly got up from the space from across the room and eagerly started to drink from the bottle. The liquid went down smooth, but it also started to poison her veins. It started to deteriorate her body. The lingering urge was going away, but by drinking this deadly liquid; it would be only a matter of time before it becomes the death of her…



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You can find the full story on Coffee House Writers!

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Closed Door

“The dead came charging for Paulina…and all she could do was crutch down on the cold floor and scream in terror…”

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Happy Aliens Day!

Today marks Alien’s Day!

LV-426…it all started 40 years ago…In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship Nostromo is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. The terror begins when the crew encounters a nest of eggs inside the alien ship. An organism from inside an egg leaps out and attaches itself to one of the crew, causing him to fall into a coma and all hell ensues from there…

I’m such a fanatic for the xenomorph franchises that I have slowly developed my own fan fiction writings based on them. Here is the list of my “Alien” fan fiction writings:

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Lock Down– Game of Thrones/Alien 3 Crossover Fan Fiction

Lock Down-Chapter 2

Lock Down-Chapter 3

Lock Down-Chapter 4

Faculty LV-223

40 years in the making and I’m still a huge fan and lover of this series. I will continue to finish writing my fanfic stories and even create something based on this idea…