Darkness was all she could see…Wrath was her only fate…

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Wings of a Dark Light

Day 2 of Halloween Fest 2018

My chapter to my Wattpad vampire love story “Vampire Heart”

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Vampire Heart-Midnight Light


There was hunger in Janita that she had not felt in a long time. There was never a time in her human life that Janita has ever been fulfilled. The bliss, the high, the passion of both vampires lovemaking started to slow down just as the room became dense of blood and sweat. This was the extra release Janita needed. Hell and blood were flowing through their veins. But in that exact moment, the night air let them relish into their vampire pleasure…

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Shifting-Chapter 7


The door to the manager’s office slowly crept open and Holly gently walked out of the stuffy room. Seth and Dan watched in anticipation from their spot at the door as Holly crept closer to the lower half of the officer’s body that was scattered on the floor near the entrance. The plan was to get the walkie from his belt along with anything else to use as a weapon to protect themselves with…

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Shifting-Chapter 7


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“That is insane Holly,” Dan said pacing back and forth in the room. “This sounds like a suicide mission!”

Holly looked over at the two men that were standing at the opposite side of the cramped room. Yes, this plan seemed suicidal in nature and it could get her killed instantly.

“We don’t have a choice…”

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Shifting-Chapter 6


“There was no reason for Seth to divide the group or make the situation worse than it already was. In a low voice and feeling defeated, Dan declared “I don’t know what else to do.”

With this declaration and both men out of options, Holly looked up from her bent knees and her arms hugging them. A plan started to develop into her head, but it will take some thought out planning and everyone needed to be on board.

“Guys…” Holly broke the silence between the group. Both men looked at the woman sitting on the floor.

“I have an idea…”

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Shifting-Chapter 5


“Without calling for backup, Nelson exited from his police car and searched around the empty parking lot. The mist in the area was making visibility hard to see anything in the area. He took his gun out from his belt and was ready to arm himself. The full window of the supermarket was fogged and he couldn’t see the movement that was going on inside…”

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