Ghostbusters Movie Review

Yes, this movie is old…No, it’s not a Christmas movie…but I just can’t help myself to go back to this amazing classic, each and every holiday season…

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Life Events

Hey Guys!

I  know I have been quiet for a few months on this blog but I thought I might give you guys some new updates!

First off by starting, I’m working back at my favorite job in the world at American Girl! I’ve been on the go since I’ve started back at the end of October, but I really love to learn this job more and more each day. The holiday season is here at our store and it can get crazy at times, but I’m loving every minute of it.

I’ve just finished celebrating my son’s 9th birthday this weekend and I’ve celebrated being with my husband for 11 years. I’ve reflected a lot on these key milestones and I couldn’t be happier with how my life turned out. My kids are doing amazing in school and I and my husband have achieved a lot of important goals this year.

I had to make some few adjustments into my work schedule and lifestyle to fit my part-time job, but I’m finding it to be a good challenge and something to look forward to in the up and coming year.

I have tonnes of projects I’m continuing to work on. Such as opening my first Etsy store for my art projects. I have a new erotic book series I’m working on and I’m trying to develop my freelance writing services through I’m still working on my WIP books on and writing for my publications on I’m also looking at doing a FREE book series of my short stories that I’m working on, or have finished in the past.

I’m pretty excited about showing off the things that I’ve worked on. I also can’t wait to share my adventures with my new found career and growing family!



The Circle Of Life

The circle of life is balanced around you…

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Another Day

It wasn’t enough to pull me from this void. I had vowed to get myself out of this void and into where my heart truly needed to be, but it wasn’t enough. When you work so hard that you can almost taste the sweet victory, only for it to slip away from your hands…

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