Drunk on Love


Wet your lips,
Tantalize your tongue,
Escape your heart,
I make your veins hum,
They burn from the inside
Swallow me down,
Drink me,
Complete me,
Intoxicate my soul,
You are in my presence,
You are in my essences,
Dizzy and spent,
Stumble and unrooted,
Room spinning and unsteady,
I’m drunk on your love…


Confessions: Behind the Scene


It started off as a combination of poetry writings and erotic short stories.

Two years had passed and I wasn’t nearly done with the first draft of my first short story. Since my author book due date was nearing, I decided to just make this an all-out new poetry book with erotic & lustful poems.

I’m happy and proud with the outcome of this book and I’m currently working on a new erotic/BDSM book series.

The erotic short stories that were supposed to be in the book will now be stand-alone stories for future novel books, Wattpad stories, and blog writings!

Confessions of My Desire: Erotic Poetry Book 

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Falling in love…All over again…


It was easy,
I admit I was afraid to fall,
I was afraid to take that next step,
But it was easy,
To fall in love with you,
Even after all these years, I’ve fallen in love with you,
Each and every day…





I’m fascinated by the shape of your lips,
I’m fascinated by how your body fits into mine,
You are mine,
By body and soul,
I’m just fascinated by you…



Your name,
Spills out like a lovely word,
It makes love to me,
I feel it so deep,
Interesting it sounds,
Your name,
Is filled with lust…



I start to unbutton,
I undid your jeans into my shaken hands,
You hold on to my trembling hands,

You steady my pace as I lower into you,
The flesh taste of silk,
It’s smooth and vibrant,

I’m eager to taste you and devour your essence into my watering mouth,

Take me as I scream your name,
I’m coming undone,
Your desire is what I waited for as you let me lose control…

Your love never ends…


I love you,
In a blissful silence,
For in this silence,
I find no rejection,
Loving you,
Feels like an endless loneliness,
For in this loneliness,
No one has you but me,
I adore you,
From afar away distance,
For in this distance,
I shield myself from the pain,
I kiss you softly in the rain,
For in this rain,
I can hide my blissful tears,
I hold you deep into my dreams,
For in my sweet dreams,
Your love never ends…