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My current Ebooks on Amazon are now available for FREE this weekend ONLY! from August 17th to August 20th


Confessions of My Desire: Erotic Poetry Book


The desire which lies within these pages is you and my desire for you. Whenever these words are pressed to your lips…it brings me into a tiny bit of blissful death.

Your lips taste like the forbidden fruit of life. Yet, every breath that is exchanged between our full and soulful lips, it brings us more to a limitless of life. Whether in this reality or an enchanted reality, whether in this moment or in the past…our boundaries line in between our melted and headed skin. The only thing our hot bodies could stutter is…”yes”

Come and read these sweet erotic poetry writings that will send you and your partner on fire…

Engage in the soft-spoken words of the 50+ seductive poetry writings…Be inspired to lust over your own desires and taste of your special fruit of life…

Print Length: 74 pages

Publication Date: August 17th, 2018

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This craving of your body itches at my skin,
A plague that can’t be cured,
This hankering need to touch your skin and rip you apart limb from limb,
The itch starts to burn as I get a whiff of your deadly scent,
I yearn to get a hold of you,
And devour every inch of you…

Confessions of My Desire: Erotic Poetry Book

Will be released on August 17th, 2018 on

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Deepest Desires


“You quietly neared the edge of the bed. You placed a gentle hand on my ankle and starts to slowly slide up my calf and you leaned down and placed gentle but lingering kisses. You slowly looked down at me with your brown eyes. You start to drag your fingertips along my warm leg. I moaned softly and started to close my eyes to the sensation of your touch. A small smile played across my lips as I heard your deep sigh escape from your lips…”

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I’m in Love


I’m so in love,
With the distant memory of you,
I’m so in love,
With the thought of my future with you,
I’m so in love,
With the possibility of being with you forever…

Erotic Blood


I start to bite my lip,
You edge closer to me,
Your kisses start to soak my neck,

We will never fall apart from each other
This feels too good,
Your lust sends my body on fire,
My hands caress your body,

I love you,
I lust for you…
Very deep in my erotic blood…