WARNING: NSFW material and only suitable for 21+

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Short Story Ideas For The End of 2019…

My ideal writing prompts for the remainder of the year…

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Alluring High

Whenever life gets that much difficulty, I can run into this room that you are in. I may be out of breath, but I know I have to get to you quickly. Your right there in front of me; your stance is alluring threw my drunken eyes, your dark eyes giving me a once over, your strong face that seems to give out every emotion I feel. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t want to feel you inside of me at this moment…
Super NSFW Erotic Short Story…

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Closed Door

“The dead came charging for Paulina…and all she could do was crutch down on the cold floor and scream in terror…”

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Lustful Sensations


I can’t take it anymore…this day has given me nothing but stress and despair…

It seems like whenever I feel this way, the sadness creeps into me and it’s making me feel hopeless. I can just imagine myself right into your arms at this very moment. I needed to see you; I needed to feel you right next to me.

I got up from my computer desk and grabbed my keys and headed straight towards your house. The drive was slow and lucid. I can only think about seeing your deep eyes. Seducing you with everything that I have. I pull up to your apartment with the intention of kissing your full lips and settling into your arms.

The moment I knocked on your door, my heart held into my throat. I needed to see you at that very moment. Once you slowly opened that door and I saw your alluring face, my anxiety and frustrations eased away from my body.

Your short curly dark hair was wild and the only thing you had on was your dark sweatpants and grey-white t-shirt. Your small smile drew me in immediately. You knew why I wanted to see you, you gave me a warm smile as I felt your hands wrap around my waist and arm and you softly guided me into your flat, you closed the door behind us and led me into your room.

You turned me around and I stood in the front of your massive bed, staring into your dark brown eyes. You slowly kissed my lips and laid me down straight on my back on the soft matters as I started to feel you’re warm and stealth body on top of me…

Seething Rage

I hope you die…In the worst way possible. I hope you die…A horrible and measly death…Nothing can compare how much I want your death to be torturous and painful. I can only imagine the pain you feel as you did to me.

I hope everything that you love burns in front of you…I hope that your soul disintegrates in your very hands…I hope you suffer and everything that you touch turns to ashes…

My hatred for you is so deep, its deeper than any trench that lies beneath the seething oceans…I’d rather you die in the worse way than you die with a quick death…My mind is raging with the thoughts of you. Just the mear sight of you makes me ill.

I will always rage when I see the sight of you…


The Lover’s Throne


The King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms make love on The Iron Throne. NSFW

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